A taste of Singapore

04 November 2010

I've never been "experimental" when it comes to food. I love veggies, yes, but there are lots of things I don't eat. Papaya, avocado, kiwi, and atis are just some of the fruits I don't eat. My favorites are citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits, though. I also am not a fan of mayonnaise and dislike dipping my food in different kinds of sauce like fish sauce, vinegar, and soy sauce. But I assure you, despite my thin frame and permanent state of underweightness (that's not even a word heh), I am not anorexic nor do I have any eating disorders whatsoever.

Anyway, for my trip to Singapore I've decided to be more "experimental" and try to not limit myself to fried chicken or pork chops just for the heck of it. What follows is a parade of photos of all the food I ate while in the Lion City :)

Day One - October 26

On my date with Genily and her boyfriend Michael, they treated me to lunch at Just Acian. The rice meal set consisted of (a generous serving of) pork tonkatsu, rice, miso soup,  unlimited ice cream, and bottomless drinks.

After hours of walking, we had a very delicious chocolate fondue at the Andersen's Ice Cream. It was fun dipping the fruits, marshmallows and cookies at the hot chocolate fondue! It also includes five scoops of different flavored ice cream and wafer cones :)
After fetching the rest of our travelmates at the airport, we had a mini midnight snack at a Kopi Roti. I had a mee soto. I wasn't able to finish it though as it was too spicy for my taste.
Day Two - October 27

We had our lunch at the Food Republic in Vivo City. I had breaded pork and bean sprouts with rice. It was the first time I liked my bean sprouts as the ones I've had before tasted like lawn grass. Not that I've eaten lawn grass before, but... you know what I mean XD
We also got a Wall's Paddle Pop while waiting for the Pink Dolphin Show at the Underwater Adventure Park in Sentosa. I enjoyed this chocolate treat as it gave me the much needed sugar rush after hours of walking. The heart logo looks very much like the logo of our local Selecta, don't you think so? :)
For dinner, I had a Seafood Hot Plate at a food court in Tampines. Looking back, I find it ironic that I ordered this after a day of watching fishes at the Underwater Adventure Park. Sorry fishies :(
Day Three - October 28

We had our lunch at a mall in Orchard Road. I had Beef Pepper Rice from Pepper Lunch. You should smell this, smells sooo yummy! Muy delicioso also :)
You do know how much I love frozen yogurt, right? I had a taste of their fro-yo at the Yogurt Place. This cookies and cream yogurt is yummy but I prefer Red Mango :)
And for dinner, aaaah I missed you KFC! So much for being "experimental", I missed my fastfood LOL. I had the Ultimate Value Box which contains 1-piece chicken, mashed potato, chicken fillet (with mushrooms) burger, and drinks. I loved the burger, such a shame we don't have it here in the Philippines.
Day Four - October 29

Good ol' Mr. McD's :) I had Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, and Minute Maid Orange Juice at McDonald's in Chinatown. 
On our last night there we stopped by the Barbecue Pit in Costa Sands Resort because Ate Lani's family invited us to a party they held for her son Lawrences' birthday. We had yummy barbecue and spaghetti but I wasn't able to take photos anymore. Just believe me when I say they're delicious.

I admit I am not good at taking photos of food and I have limited skills when it comes to describing how a specific dish tastes like but I hope you enjoyed this post :)

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