Esprit de Noel Bazaar + my gorgeous booties

23 November 2010

With Christmas just around the corner, bazaars have started to pop up around the metro to offer one-stop shopping for the perpetually busy consumers. I am not perpetually busy per se, but I love going to bazaars because you are always bound to find something unique that you can't find at the malls.

I wasn't able to go to the Brown Bag Market last Saturday because of our overnight swimming party that lasted 'til morning. Too bad because reading Ana's and Ava's posts about it made me feel a wee bit jealous as it was obvious that they had fun! Good thing Mich and her bestfriend Jonas asked me to go with them to the Esprit de Noel Bazaar the following day so I still got my bazaar fix for the month ;D

My ticket that Jonas paid for :D
The bazaar was held at the A.Venue Events Hall in Makati (where this year's Candy Fair was also held). I went crazy looking at the different stuff for sale that I totally forgot to take photos :( The entire hall was filled with booths selling clothes, bags, shoes(!), different kinds of knick-knacks, even cars and appliances! Coming from me, consider it a compliment when I say that I'm glad I deposited my 13th month pay in my non-negotiable savings account already, leaving only a couple of thousand pesos to spend on myself :)

Thanks to Jonas for the photo! Me trying to contain myself while Mich looks at the journals being sold (I think one of them is for me haha!) I don't know if you can see it, but I liked the gray and black babydoll dress in the background and even contemplated buying it XD
As I said, with the number of goodies available, you are bound to find something you'll like. If you are lucky and have a good eye for great steals (like me hah!), you'll even manage to get hold of fabulous pieces without mortally wounding your bank account ;)

All of us went home with goodies :)
Would you like to know what I got? I really wanted to get some booties and was planning to check the malls later in the week, but thanks to Tinsley Online's booth at the Esprit de Noel Bazaar I wouldn't have to search high and low anymore. There were lots of other fab designs available and I had a hard time choosing at first, but after trying them on one by one, I can proudly say that I found it!

The color (camel), the style, the fit, PERFECTION!
Isn't it just GORGEOUS??! And what's more, I got it for such a very low price! From the relatively low price of P999, another 30% was knocked off so I bought it for only P699!!! I don't think you can find booties in the malls at that price. Plus points for the seller and her mom who were very accommodating. :)

I also got a pretty light-colored denim dress (with a big bow! and ruffles!) from the same booth but I cannot seem to take a good photo of it, so I'll just post a picture when I'm wearing it already.

Have you started making your Christmas lists already? I'm sure there are more bazaars coming up in the next coming days. You might see me there, scouring for gifts for family and friends ;)

PS: I'm spreading Christmas cheer and sending out cards to everyone who'll want them! Just send me an email at krissyfied[at]gmail[dot]com with your mailing address.

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