Premiere Night - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1

16 November 2010

Don't worry, no spoilers! ;)

Last night is probably one of the most memorable nights of this month - nay, this year. I got to watch the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 movie at the premiere night sponsored by Warner Bros. Pictures and Studio 23 THREE DAYS before the regular screening on the 18th!!

I held into it for dear life from the time Dewi handed it to me until the time the ladies at the cinema's entrance took the seat number :D
I actually have tickets to the 5:00PM screening at the SM North EDSA - IMAX theater already, but who can say no to free premiere night tickets? Big, chocolate-coated and candy hearts-sprinkled THANKS to my friend Dewi! Dewi's best friend from college Eden also went with us, as well as our college Film professor, Sir Elvert BaƱares and his partner Jet. It was so great to see him! I learned so many things from him; the things I know about film production, I learned from him. And of course, the life lessons he inevitably threw our way during our sessions are much appreciated as  well.

The event was held at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell. They were very strict when it comes to anti-piracy rules (and rightly so) that all attendees were required to surrender all phones and cameras before entering the cinema.

And because I am not a prick and I don't want to be mean, I am not going to say anything about what I thought of the movie. I'm going to let you see it for yourselves first and won't spoil it for you. Maybe I'll post my reactions to the movie next Monday, hmm? :)

Eden, me, Dewi, Jet, Sir Elvert
Wore my new ultra-gorgeous blazer ♥
And get this. I was actually interviewed for a quick TV spot! I was asked what I thought of the movie, my favorite Harry Potter movie, and my favorite character! Please believe me when I say I fervently pray they edit my segment out. I am not telegenic! x_x


because I couldn't resist beautiful Christmas trees :)
I still can't believe I was finally able to see it. Pretty understandable seeing as how much I anticipated it :) See you at the theaters on Thursday?

I did say I'm going to watch it as many times as I can ;)

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