Singapore Day 1 - Marina Bay Sands

03 November 2010

The barrage of mini-posts about my Singapore trip starts today. :)

We reached Singapore at exactly 11:55PM on October 25. My good friend/ officemate Marsha's childhood friends (who are already based there) Ate Lani and Ate Sally met us there and let us stay the night (since we will check in at the chalet the next day). In the last five years since I've been there, there have been sooo many changes. It's amazing how their country has advanced so fast.

Blame my biological clock, but no matter how late I slept the night before, I always manage to wake up early. The next morning, I woke up with a bright smile because I was set to meet with my friend Genily! Genily was a very good friend and classmate in college who has worked and resided in the Lion City for two years now. It was  actually the first time I saw her again after our graduation so you can just imagine how excited I was!

She agreed to fetch me at the Simei MRT Station which was only a few blocks away from Ate Lani's house. I was so happy when I finally got to see her again that I even teared up! While gabbing away, we waited for her boyfriend Michael who served as our tour guide and photographer (heh) for the day :)

Genily and me at the Simei MRT station. Ü
Our first plan was to visit Singapore Zoo but it got cancelled so they brought me to the place I really, really wanted to see: Marina Bay Sands! Before that though, we went through the different malls adjacent to the City Hall station. They were so kind to give me an EZ-link card that is used to ride the MRT and the bus. From Simei, we rode the MRT to the City Hall station.

Lunch with the couple at Just Acian
Can you see that amazing building behind me? Awesome, right?
If that was a pool I would be so tempted to jump already :D
Candid shot :D
From the Esplanade, we had a long and tiring but fun walk to the Marina Bay Sands area.

The Singapore Flyer! I wanted to ride it at first but they said the price is not worth it.
This bridge looks like the one in the Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince movie :)
Going nearer!
Photo-op with the Chanel wall :D
And we reached it! Okay, this may sound corny and all, but I've been reading a lot about Marina Bay Sands from the time it was still being constructed and I was so amazed at its grandiose architecture. Imagine an infinity pool 55 storeys up! Seeing the world's most expensive hotel up close felt so surreal. I wish I can stay there someday, even just for a night :)

Michael and Genily also accompanied me back to Ate Lani's house for me to get my luggage and check them in at the Costa Sands Resort in Pasir Ris where we will stay for the rest of our holiday. From there, Marsha, LJ and I went to the airport to fetch our other travelmates Mich, Frank, Ate Mitch and Kuya Joel :)

Reunited :)
Ate Lani, LJ, Frank, Marsha, me, Mich, Ate Mitch, Kuya Joel in Ate Lani's house
A mini midnight snack before we went back to Costa Sands
It was my first 24 hours in Singapore and I already enjoyed it so much. Wait'll you hear about my other stories ;)

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