It's a different world in Underwater World

08 November 2010

I hope you're not yet tired of my posts about Singapore because there is still a LOT more to come ;)

On our second day in Singapore, we visited the Underwater World in Sentosa. I've been there five years ago but I think it is always worth a visit. I love fishes; I actually have a pair of dragonfins named Aziraphale and Anathema (or Yin and Yang for short hee~ click here for a photo of them). They are currently in Dane's aquarium though, he adopted them for the meantime when I moved apartments early this year. I still haven't gotten them back but I'm sure they're happy and content swimming around Dane's 75-gallon aquarium with their other friends  (Dane has seven other species of dragonfins or bichirs.) We were fish freaks, yes. We also visited Manila Ocean Park last year and it was one of my fondest memories of our time together.


Watching my pet fishes swim around their aquarium was very relaxing for me. I especially liked feeding them and cleaning their home. Seeing that I am really interested in fishes, you can already tell that I liked my second visit to the Underwater World. Let me share some photos (let it be said that I took lots of photos so it was really hard to choose which ones to post):

And the journey begins ;)
We were able to catch the last schedule of the Seals and Pink Dolphins show for the day.
Brenda and her trainer
Cute pink dolphins :)
and lots...
of fishes!
These jellyfishes might look cute but their sting can be fatal!
Look! A bichir specie! These have grown so big already! You cannot see them in the photos but these are even bigger than my arms! Remove the spots and they'd look just like my Yin and Yang :)
But this is even scarier as it reminded me of a HUGE spider! Yikes!
The two Michelles  :)
Look at that shark looking so stern :D
And look at what I saw! Archuleta's cousins! :D
For those who don't know, I have a pink octopus plushie I named Archuleta which I got from Manila Ocean Park. Here she is:

Seen here with Cook. Haha! Their names were inspired by the David Archuleta/ David Cook concert held here in Manila last year :)
Our Manila Ocean Park is bigger and features more fishes than the Underwater World, methinks, but I enjoyed the latter's Oceanarium more because it is bigger (and has a walkalator hee~).

Let me ask you a related question. What do you think of zoos and tourist attractions like this? For me, I would personally prefer for the animals to live in their natural habitats, but if it would result to them being killed because of our fault (e.g. destruction of natural  resources, too much garbage, oil spills, hunting), then maybe it is better for them to live in zoos and conservatories  where they can thrive and breed. What's your take on this?

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