Singapore Day 2 - Sentosa

06 November 2010

After my friend Genily and her boyfriend Michael toured me around Marina Bay Sands on my first day in Singapore, it became my and Marsha's turn to show our travelmates around on our second (and their, first) day there. We were actually supposed to go to Malaysia but due to time constraints the plans got cancelled. So where did we bring them? To Sentosa, of course! It was a day filled with more walking, but we barely noticed it because of all the fun we're having. My friend Frank and I took lots of photos that day  and here are some of my favorites, Enjoy! ;)

While waiting for the shuttle that will take us from Costa  Sands to the Pasir Ris MRT station
Waiting  for the train
No people on board the train equates to lots of opportunities for photos ;)
Ladies from left to right: Mitch, Mich, me, Marsha
The photographer deserves pictures taken of him, too! Meet Frank :)
Photo taken at the dock in Vivo City :)
When we arrived at Sentosa, we were greeted by a visual feast! Everything was just so colorful and bright, so many things have changed since the last time I've been there! (I'd better look for my old photos so I can compare them better hee.)

Who can resist having her photo taken at the iconic Universal Studios globe? Not me!
Even the music coming from the theme park brings back happy memories of childhood :)
Quite possibly the most sinful place there LOL, Hershey's Chocolate World! The store features rows upon rows and endless shelves of chocolate-y heaven! 
And quite possibly my favorite place in Sentosa, Candylicious! Candy overload, I tell ya! Too bad taking photos is not allowed inside the store, even looking at them is enough to give anyone a sugar rush ;D
Me with the Jelly Belly's :)
What they said.
Mich and Frank :)
Ladies with the M&M's :D
We were able to go to Siloso Beach and watch surfers do their thing at the Artificial Waves there. Hot guys surfing (even in artificial waves), fun! :D We also went to the Underwater Park but that deserves a separate blog entry (because I love fishies :)). And because a day is not enough, we went back the next day to ride the cable car and watch Songs of the Sea. I'll tell you more about them in the next posts. ;)

*98% of the photos featured here are from my friend Frank.

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