I will forever be a Candy girl.

05 October 2010

Candy magazine's annual Candy Fair was held last Saturday, October 2, at A.Venue in Makati City and I made sure I did not miss it!

The last time I attended the fair was back in 2008. I was supposed to go again last year but Typhoon Ondoy literally rained on my parade. I invited Mae to go with me because I know she will appreciate the event. :) Two years ago I met with my Seventeen Sigaw sisters and I was supposed to meet up with them again this time but they cancelled, except for one. In the end, Mae and I still had a great time. It would be impossible not to, what with all the screaming high school girls and explosion of colors that surrounded us :)

Krissy and Mae, making your teeth ache with our insane sweetness ;)
Performers on stage. They are regulars on the Sunday variety show ASAP. The crowd of girls just went wild :D
Local celebrity Megan Young hosted the event
Candy Cuties all lined up
Me with some of the Candy Cuties (who are too young for me LOL)
The fair boasted of performances by local teen celebrities (the loudest screams happened when Frankie Magalona rapped onstage), games, photobooths (lots and lots of them!), school fair staples like a Marriage Booth and a Jail Booth, and a bazaar showcasing local products. Booths for brands like Ipanema, Skin Food and Sun Cellular were also present. 

More than anything else, the Candy Fair celebrated FRIENDSHIP.

Of conspiring and getting a kick out of lying about our real ages (sorry for the lame handwriting, btw).
Of seeing old friends accidentally.
Meet Joana, a very good friend and classmate from my elementary and high school days. We also saw each other accidentally at the Candy Fair '08!
Of meeting with a Seventeen Sigaw sister.
Meet Jazzy :)
Of supporting a friend's entrepreneurial dreams.
Visited Ana's booth :)
Of sitting with cupcakes.
Of having glitter tattoos done, because we're so hardcore.
Of sharing a sinful meal together.
At Wendy's stuffing our faces with calorie-laden burgers and fries.
And of taking pretty goodies home.
The October issue of Candy magazine served as my ticket to the event. I also got a pretty bag and an exquisite crucifix necklace from Anagon. She also gave me a pink pretty bow ring for free :)
Of pretty smiles brought by real and genuine friendship.
I am thankful that I got to attend the fair. It made me miss my teenage years, yes, definitely. Being surrounded by hundreds of screaming high school girls made me feel a bit sad (especially when I fail to appreciate the Candy Cuties performing and milling around) because I felt a little bit too old, but at the same time it made me happy that I do not feel the insecurities of being a teenager and the bite of teenage angst anymore.

Teenager or not, I will forever be a Candy girl.
Thank you so much Mae, memories from the fair (and our long bus conversation) will be saved forever in my pink, glittering heart.

*Candy Fair poster is from Candy. Photos without the krissyfied.com watermark were taken and postprocessed by Mae. Click here for her post about the fair, and click here for Ana's. 

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