I got robbed.

13 May 2010

As was my custom during Thursdays (since I come from my parents' house after my Tuesday-Wednesday rest days), I rode a Public Utility Jeep to Monumento (where I will then ride a cab to work) this morning. I wore a black fitted V-neck shirt, jeans, and black strappy heels. Accessorized with a sparkly black headband, mini metallic hoop earrings, a white wristwatch and my silver handcuff necklace, I felt like such a badass sexy chick.

I was still feeling sleepy (blame my 5am work schedule). As was my custom as well, I put on my headphones and listened to the songs in my phone. When the song "The Blower's Daughter" came up, my mind wandered to a post Nikolett has written about an assignment they had where they had to write about their "Perfect Funeral". I have always thought the song is a perfect funeral song so I started imagining how I would like my funeral to be. Morbid much? The jeep trawled on and since it was still very early, there was only one other lady passenger with me. When the jeep stopped at the area between Letre and Sangandaan, I was surprised when a man suddenly attempted to snatch my bag from me. I had the straps of my bag on my shoulders (and instinct came over, I don't know) so there was a struggle between us. He kept on pulling my bag from me while the jeepney driver just sat there looking shocked. I sustained two deep wounds on my left elbow and waist when I fell out of the jeepney trying to wrestle my bag from the thief. Not so badass sexy chick anymore, eh? I hit my face on the pavement and I am soooo thankful I did not get wounds on my face nor lost any of my teeth. (God knows if that happened I would have chased them 'til kingdom come.) Thank God as well that the driver on the next vehicle was able to stop or I would have been hit x_x

My pretty plum bag contained my two phones, my digital camera, pens, some makeup items (that cannot fit in my makeup kit anymore), wallet with my IDs, cards and at least 8,000php in cash. My wallet and makeup kit fell from my bag when he ran away and I was able to get them, but my wallet was snatched again by yet another person. So yeah. two thieves ran away with my stuff.

Thank God the thieves did not get my netbook as well as I was holding my laptop bag in my left hand.

The jeepney driver transfered me to another jeep so I can go back home. I was shaking so bad that my parents were distressed as well and made me drink cold water. They were sorry about the loss of my stuff but I just reiterated that they were just stuff that can be replaced. Honestly, it wasn't so hard for me as I lost much, much more before when we lost our house and all our belongings to a big fire nine years ago.

I cancelled my ATM card (good thing our salary will credit our accounts tonight). I am actually here at the office but I did not go to work anymore. I just talked with my manager and requested for a new ID. It's not so much as the loss of the items as the big hassle I will have trying to replace them. Later I will go to the bank to request for a new ATM card, then go to the phone company to request for the same number. Tomorrow I will buy a cheap phone. The digital camera would have to wait :(

So, forgive me for the next few picture-less posts, y'all.

Be safe.


  1. Wow, that's pretty bad. I guess what will stay, will be your fear. You will replace the things, your body will recover, but the mind will always be alert. Well, sure it's good to be alert, but don't stress yourself too much, Krissy.

    I wish you all the best, hope you can get your things back to how they were asap. Hope that asshole gets caught one day or trips and falls on his ugly face. Pardon my French. People like him (them) really upset me...

  2. Oh dear. That must have been traumatic. I hope you're feeling better now. Be safe :)

  3. Oh no! That's terrible, Krissy! So sorry to hear that.

    Oh yeah, you're still a badass chick.

  4. What the fuck? I can't imagine that! The only thing ever robbed from me was pimple gel!
    Well at least they're all replaceable though the hassle of replacing them sucks a lot. Hope you're all better. The bastards will get theirs one day.

  5. That's really terrible, Krissy. Do you see their faces? You should report it to the police. It's not about getting your stuff back, it's about those lowlifes getting some harsh lessons. They should be. Those bastards.

    And I'm sorry about your wounds too, and oh the hassles. I can't imagine how it would be for you :( I hope your office gives you a bit of a break..

  6. I'm so sorry that happened to you! I can't imagine how scary that must have been. But thank goodness you weren't hurt worse!

  7. FUck that crazy asshole.
    As long as you're alright Krissy, thats what matters most

  8. im so sorry to read this,hun
    how are you na?

    alam mo i live near sangandaan lang. & i keep on hearing that there really are a lot of robbers dun.

    it's good to know that you are safe,sis. you're right, they are just things that can be replaced. what we can't replace is that if something terrible happened to you.

    ingat k palagi a,sis

  9. Ahh... Krissy I know I've said it on twitter but heck, I gotta say it again, I'll give 'em this imaginary virtual spinning - flying kick combo to them! Hiaaaattt...

    Now, if only someone there miraculously send it to them for real :(

    but it's okay, you're okay, and you can buy all those again later :)

  10. I'm so sorry to hear that, Krissy.. Well, it's all happened already, so don't be sad, ok? Be safe ya.. :)

  11. Hope you're better na sis! Just read this after reading your status sa FB....Goodluck nalang sa mga P.I. na mga snatcher na yun, isa pa dun sa pumahabol pa sa wallet mo..karma is a bitch, siya na bahala sa mga gagong yon!
    Sorry di ko mapigilan! Bwisit talaga silaaaa!!!
    Buti talaga ok ka sis...hay hay!

  12. OMG! Krissy!!!!! I hope karma hunts them down soon! That is awful. I can't believe this happened to you!

  13. That's scary, I'm glad you were not more seriously injured. There are some dangerous people in the world--I hope those two run into people who are more dangerous than they are! They'll get what they deserve someday.

    You are badass sexy, just not badass badass!

    Good luck getting all of your IDs and cards straightened out.

  14. I'm so sorry about what happened. But I think you actually are pretty bad ass to have struggled with the thief! So awful that that second person had to take advantage like that! Sobrang makarma sana sila.

  15. who are those bastards who messed up with krissy???!!!! send them here i'm gonna skin them down.

    =( i'm sorry for your lost. i really am. but at least we all know you're ok.

  16. im so sorry to hear that Twin! but i'm glad you're ok.. *hugs*

    u can look at it as an unconventional way the universe tells u that it's time for something new.. new stuff..

    take care always dear!

  17. oh no!!! i'm sorry for what happened! atleast ure okay. that's what's important!!!

    take care next time, okay?


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