14 May 2010

First of all I would like to thank the well-wishers in my previous post where I told you of how I got robbed yesterday. I feel much better now as compared to yesterday where I felt visibly shaken. Unfortunately, my wounds haven't healed yet and I cringe in pain every time our office nurse cleans and dresses it. More injuries have also just started to show when I woke up this morning: I have a big bruise in my right knee and the right part of my nape and my right arm are swelling. I also feel great pain whenever I try to move them. I  cannot straighten my right arm and I fear I might have broken it when I fell from the jeepney. I'd better go and have it checked but my health card was also stolen so I might have to pay for a private doctor. Today is pay day and since my ATM card was stolen as well I had to withdraw over the counter and pay 300php for a replacement card. Such a big hassle, especially as I still have to have a notarized affidavit of loss in order for my work ID card to be replaced x_x

I cannot say I have been traumatized that much; it helped that I wasn't threatened with any weapons or harmed physically by the perpetrators. I hated sleeping yesterday as I see the event replay over and over again in my head every time I close my eyes, but now, whenever the thought crosses my mind, I feel more and more detached from it. Now, whenever I recount the story to other people, I feel like it happened to another person and not me.

My Facebook status update telling about what happened to me generated more than 30 comments, and most of them said I should have left my gadgets at home. It's a sad, sad world we live in when we cannot even bring the things we have toiled for just because we fear they will get stolen from us. 

Past is past and we shouldn't dwell on it too much. As I said, they're just stuff that can be replaced. Today, that is just what I did. I went to the mall after withdrawing my salary over the counter at the branch and got myself a new phone. I bought just a very basic one, though. I got a Nokia 2220 since I would be using it just for texting and calling for the meantime while I am saving up for another phone and a new digital camera. Thanks to Globe, I was able to request to use the same number again. So people, text me your numbers! :D

Forgive my being camera-less. Today I relied on my netbook's webcam.

I confess. What attracted me to this phone model is its color!
I named her Alexandra :)

It's a slider phone :)

I also got Elizabeth Gilbert's "Eat, Pray, Love"

I have heard a lot of raves about the book so I picked it up, hoping for some inspiration. Lord knows how much I need guidance these days. All I wanted was to have an awesome year but these things just seem to pop out of nowhere, shaking my belief in what Paulo Coelho said, that "if you really want something, the universe conspires in helping you achieve it."

Dear Universe, I really need and want your help now.

PS: I wanted to show you my wounds but I am worried you might be squeamish about seeing them. :)


  1. Aww... *hugs* dear I hope you'll get better the soonest :( I don't like it when one of my favorite girls injured. Will lots of virtual hugs do? I think yes so here I am sending you thousands of virtual hugs :)

    and Alexandra is so pretty! Haha.. oh my Lord, for you and the love of pink... hahaha... the color is really eye catching! I love it already! :D haha

  2. i am happy youre recovering sis...emotionally, and also getting back on track by getting things for yourself again :) ang sama nga isipin yun noh na hindi mo madala dala stuff mo in fear of getting robbed...hell! anyway, yehey for alex! :) (naks may nickname na sya sakin haha!) and for the new book! ! !:)

  3. Ang impt, you're alive and ok! I've experienced that before (11yrs ago) so I know how it feels! ahhuhuhuhu
    stick with that good attitude u've got!
    Hi to Alexandra!!

  4. idaan nalang sa click click yan!!!! ahahahah game!!!

  5. Ah Krissy, I am SO glad you're okay. The people saying to leave gadgets at home ... ay yi yi. You never think you're going to be the one that's robbed from and I bring tons of gadgets all the time. They can be replaced for sure - the proof is in Alexandra, such a cute pink phone! I really hope you'll heal up okay and I REALLY hope your arm isn't broken or anything!! Take it easy and relax *huuuugs*

  6. squeamish??? meee??? pppffffttttt. bring it on!

  7. Aw, hugs! It sucks being robbed--happened to me last month. :( I wasn't hurt or anything but it does feel very disempowering. Hope you are coping well.

  8. You are hurt worse than I thought--go to the doctor soon for your arm!

    When it comes to people hurting other people, I'm sort of an old testament kind of guy--an eye for an eye (except the punishment should really be a little worse--the criminal should suffer more than the victim). I do believe in forgiving, but there still has to be punishment.

  9. I'm glad you feel better but I'm sad about your wounds. I hope the swelling's reduced very soon and you continue to feel better physically and mentally.

  10. I am pretty sure the universe is now planning something nasty to those men :)

  11. I wonder, if the environment is so dangerous, why people steal other people's things? Their things might be stolen, too. It's like a vicious circle. Everyone needs to be careful, everyone may think I better leave things at home. But if people would do that, I bet those assholes would find a way to steal them, too. It's just insane and makes me happy, that I'm in a country, where I luckily have never gotten anything stolen and feel very safe. But sure, that doesn't mean I should be reckless. Good luck, Krissy! You're strong, I know :)


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