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Introducing Lady Mirabou

I realize this might make me sound a little too drama queenish, but ever since my three months-old camera and phones got stolen I felt a little incomplete, no kidding. I  bought a new phone a day after the unfortunate incident but it doesn't have a decent camera so I still wasn't able to snap pics using it. I've always been snap-happy, taking photos of random things so I dunno, all those times I felt like things are happening around me and I HAD to capture them. Add to that the  fact that I felt so crippled, blogging without a decent camera at my disposal. The solution? I got myself this when the end of May payday came:

photo grabbed from Google Image search
I couldn't really take a picture of my camera with my camera, right? XD

I actually bought it two Fridays ago but never got around to posting it. She looks so pretty, right? Yes, my camera is a she. Her name is Lady Mirabou. I name my stuff because I'm adorably weird like that XD She's a 12.1mp camera with 3x optical zoom and features a 2.7-inch LCD. She's also so thin and sexy! Plus, she can take HD videos! (Do I smell a Vlog coming soon? :D) I especially love her Makeup Mode. Not that I (ehem) need it that much, but taking self-portraits in this mode is a charm as it automatically erases blemishes and other imperfections! Depending on the level settings, it's like my camera is my instant makeup artist as well as it can add foundation and blush on my self-portraits :D

I used Lady Mirabou on our Family Day and when we saw Sex and the City 2 and I couldn't be more satisfied with the quality of the photos we took using her. Having my stuff stolen was really tough, of course, but it was also a blessing in disguise as it let me have a camera that is loadsss better than the previous camera I had.

I also got a pretty camera case from e.g.g.
And here's a more decent photo of my phone Alexandra :)

I'm so excited to use her to take more photos! Lady Mirabou and I, we're going to be tight buddies! :D

Dear Lady Mirabou, please don't get stolen like Lord Fontaine, mmmkay?


littletiara said…
ooohh... Lady mirabou is so pretty! I love its color! And I'm pretty much sure the others are too, hehe... and yeah, blessing in disguise indeed ;)
Jem said…
great camera,hun

im sure by now that you will really be able to capture any moments that would come your way!
Hepburn Hilton said…
I'm completely with you! My phone and my camera are singing on the last verse and really should be replaced.. I feel crippled with them not functioning optimal!
donnarence said…
yey for new cam!! :D luv the color
A N A G O N said…
yey! a new cam! :) to more visual blogs and ...vlogging!! :D
Denise said…
How much did you buy it for? If you don't mind my asking. I've never owned a Casio before and I'm quite interested. I lost my cam and I'm also looking for a replacement.
plaridel said…
great choice! that's really a nice camera.
haha! haha. why all girly names? i name my stuff with some manly names. ahahah
Ricademus said…
It's all color coordinated! Cute. =)
Unknown said…
haha you are so cute naming your stuff krissy! lady maribou is gorgeous! and yes, VLOG please!!!!!!!!
Ana Mich said…
Like! Like! Like! Ü
krissy ♥ said…
@ Tiara: Thank you, the color just screams to me, I just had to choose it :)

@ Thiamere: Indeed! :)

@ Carina: Uh oh, looks like you would need to have them gadgets replaced soon! :)

@ Donnarence: Thank you, she's so pretty :)

@ Anagon: Yay! Though I'm still contemplating on that Vlog thing, might lose my followers LOL :D

@ Denise: Hi Denise, thanks for visiting :) I got it for only 7,990php from SM North EDSA - Cyberzone :)

@ Plaridel: Thank you :)

@ Ejannz: I give them girly names because they look girly XD I did name my previous camera Lord Fontaine, but come to think of it, that name sounds so gay XD

@ Jing: Yup! Lovely, pretty color :)

@ Rick: Thank you, I'm glad you appreciate it :D

@ Kym: Thank youuu! Yay for the new blog! :D

@ Rosey: I got it for only 7,990php :)

@ Ana Mich: Thanksss! :D
Denise said…
Wow! That's cheap. Now I'm seriously considering buying one. <3
I've actually been lurking on your site.... Hehehe...
Andhari said…
That's a cute cam, missy! PINK too, very YOU lol
krissy ♥ said…
@ Denise: Go get one! And thank you for reading my blog, that means a lot :)

@ Andhari: Indeed-y! :D

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