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04 April 2010

Yesterday my best friend from college and Sinister Sister Recks and I had a spontaneous get together. After work I sent her a text, bugging her about my surprise party (haha!) when she replied and asked where I was. So there, we made plans to meet in SM North EDSA and before you know it we were already chattering away - in person! The last time I saw her was months ago and we only got to communicate via text and Facebook as she was too busy with law school, part time work and other commitments.

We had late lunch at my favorite Italian fastfood place Bigoli and then roamed around the mall while catching up on our - and our classmates' - lives. I missed girly gossip! Oh Recks, how I missed you so. I'm so glad we were able to catch up!

We had lots of time in our hands so we decided to see a movie. It was a choice between How to Train Your Dragon and Diary of a Wimpy Kid - and I guess you already know which movie we chose. It was her treat as a birthday present for me - I said no as I wanted something tangible (like the ehem*500 Days of Summer DVD*ehem) but she could not be budged and said I should just save the movie ticket lols :)

Jeff Kinney's illustrated novel turned into movie

I've always been intrigued by this book whenever I pass by bookstores but always got turned off by the hardcover's steep price. I kept on saying, "Next time, next time" and then get myself a different book. But that time never came so I appreciate that the director incorporated pages from the book into the movie. Without giving too much away, let it be said that the animations were fun to watch :)

It's a story about middle school student 12 year old Greg Heffley's quest to be considered cool so he can be included in the special section of the yearbook. Some most of his plans backfire though, and he is left with some repercussions that seem funny - if you are not him. Generally it was a fun movie that can take you to a trip down middle school memory lane, but you won't miss much if you don't get to watch it. Cute and witty dialogues, though :)

I tried to rifle through 855(!) photos of my high school batch's Facebook page for some photos of me in high school (this was during a time when digicams were not yet considered a basic pouch necessity so you can just imagine how rare those photos are) but I cannot find a decent photo. Almost all were of me having short (and very thick and stubborn!) hair and bushy eyebrows. Add that to the fact that I wore glasses and braces, and you've got the token stereotypical nerd. Yep, that's me! The one who gets the most number of medals during Recognition days, the one whose hands shoot up the air even before the teacher has finished asking the question, the one who got high grades and gets sad whenever she gets two incorrect answers in examinations; I was kinda my high school batch's Hermione Granger

When I got in college though, I learned that there were people worse than me, and I realized having that attitude sucks as it takes the fun out of learning. In all fairness to me, I wasn't competitive then, I just really, really loved learning new things (yes, I'm awesomely nerdy like that). But some people were willing to fight dirty and drop so low just so they can get better grades. I said, screw them, and I - together with my Sinister Sisters Recks, Minnie and Jinna - just did the best I could, without losing myself in the process. And I had fun. There was more to life than just incessant studying - friendship and learning to adapt are two things that were far more important. Surely, those years were some of the best I've had :) 

Now I made myself miss school *sniff*

Anyway, since I cannot don't want to show you my fugly photos, I guess I'd just show you my present self (after I've learned to trim my brows, have the hairstyle that suits me, and primp and prettify a bit) :D

I got bangs last Wednesday! I wanted a perm but the stylists won't allow me to as I've had my hair relaxed before :(

Recks and me
We can pass off as semi-twins, yes? :D

I love that even after all these months of not seeing each other, we still think alike! Yesterday, without planning it, both of us wore white tops, jeans, dangling earrings and blue (just different shades) nail polish! We even had the same face powder!

And get this, she brought a cornflower blue faux croc-skin bag while I clutched a blue-green faux snakeskin purse! Great (and girly) minds think alike!

We planned to get dessert earlier in the day but still felt full (and I felt a dull and throbbing headache) so we just called it a day, with a fervent wish that she can come with us to the beach on the 20th - 21st. Come on Recks, you should go with us! You deserve a break from all of the studying you do! :D


  1. you make me miss my best friends!!! esp the one in melbourne! i haven't seen her for few years now. we talk a lot online and via text messages but it is really not the same to hang out in real life =(

  2. You and Recks are such pretty girls. You make me miss my high school girlies too. They make school less sucks for me :)

  3. i have this book. its kind of the basics of the days of school when we were kids but its funny reading it anyway. im still thinking if ill get the second book from the series. ^_^v

  4. I'm glad you had fun with your old friend. But I really want to see the middle school pics--I know you were cute! =)

  5. Aww, so adorable! I love catching up with high school friends ... most of them are still my close friends today but life often gets in the way. I love how you two matched :) And ahhh ... I remember my bushy eyebrow days too, although mine were only 2 years ago haha. We can be Hermione Granger together! <3

  6. You are both pretty... yes, you look like sisters.

    We spent the Holy Week in Clark then planning to go to the beach (Laiya or Boracay) before I leave again for US this May.

    Have a great week Krissy! xoxo

  7. @ Ejannz: Don't you just love girl best friends? I hope you and your best friends get to see each other and hang out SOON! :)

    @ Andhari: Thank you :) That's definitely one of their best roles, no? :)

    @ jenobebs: I want to buy the series, too! :)

    @ Rick: Nuh-uh, totally not cute at all :D

    @ Nikolett: That will be fun! :D

    @ Leah: Thank you :) I hope you enjoy your summer! :)

  8. oh man, i missed it! :(
    i replied to your post, btw. LOL


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