A Piece of Me... in April 2010

04 April 2010

I will wear this pretty floral dress* to the office tomorrow,
my last day of being a 19 23 years young lady :)

This month...

I like: that it's my birth-month! My 19th 24th birthday is on Tuesday, April 6! :)

I don't like: that things aren't going so well for me and my body. My head and upper back have been hurting for four consecutive days now. The pain plus a slight fever when I woke up this morning added to my low energy levels make me a bit cranky. I know whining can be really annoying so I try my hardest to just shut up. Earlier I went to our office nurse and she advised me to have my eyes and back checked because I might need new glasses and might have scoliosis.

I want you to know: that I really, really, really want a surprise birthday party! But I guess you already know that from reading my previous post :D

I've planned: to make the most out of this summer! I have three swimming outings planned out - one with my family on my birthday, one with my friends from high school on the 10th, and another trip to the beach on the 20th - 21st! :D

I want to say to someone special: I miss you :(

This is a game thought up by the Toothfairy so we can all share a bit of ourselves to our readers by completing a set of unfinished sentences every first Sunday of the month. Easy enough right? And fun! Want to join? Click here! :)

PS: Toothfairy, where are you? We miss you! *hugs*

*I bought the floral dress from Sis Malou of The Closet Queen.


  1. swimming!!! i love! <3 i wish i have the time to go swimming. oh wait, i cant because it is freezing cold up here despite the fact that it is already spring!

    so swim for me, woman! swim!!!!

    just in case i didnt get the chance to wish you a happy birthday on your birthday (cuz i'll be working extremely LONG hours), so here you go:

    happy birthday, krissy!!!! have a good year. hope everything will work out as how you want it to be. may this year brings lots of money, lots of happiness and lots of love to you :)

  2. what happened to shirley?
    she not updating her blog anymore?

  3. Super fun!

    I think I'm gonna join now. Despite Shirley not updating anymore. I miss her, I hope she's alright.

  4. That dress was made for you to wear it! I hope you feel better before Tuesday! =)

  5. Ahh, I miss Toothfairy ... I joined in on this too, we gotta keep it going! :) And I hope your body feels better ... maybe the swimming outings will help! (By the way, I'm very jealous since it's not warm enough here to go to the beach.) <3 annnd I'll wish you happy birthday on the actual day, teehee.

  6. Awwww, Krissy, thanks a lot for missing me :P Oh, no... must be some other person and from reading your posts, I have a suspicion. Ok, if it's Shirley a.k.a. Toothfairy, then I miss her too :(

  7. @ Ejannz: Thank you! I am definitely going to swim for you!! :D

    @ Jing: I also don't know :(

    @ Andhari: I hope so too.

    @ Rick: Thank you! I am definitely feeling better :)

    @ Nikolett: Thank you Nikolett! Argh, we don't get to experience snow while you can't go to the beach? Why can't life be fair and give us both? :D

    @ Nino: I hope she's okay :(

    @ Joe-wan: New name! Thanks so much! :)


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