I can be happy for other people's love stories even when mine is not going so well.

14 April 2010

This is so not the topic I have meant to blog about. I have been trying to compose an altogether different post the whole day but just cannot seem to make it look more "inspired" so I just gave up for the moment and watched South Park and the newest episode of Glee and ogle at the hotness that is Casey James saved it in my drafts folder. I was clicking away in different sites when I chanced upon my Facebook friends' updates and saw this wonderful, wonderful news! And I just became one big ball of sap and cheese and wanted to share it with you!

Before that though, let me tell you a little back-story. Justin is one of my teammates in my former team before I got transfered to the morning shift and he is one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever met. He is very smart, kindhearted and levelheaded, able to spew philosophical quotes teeming with wisdom, and a very, very good singer. He was on his way to becoming a priest but went out of the seminary to further his studies in Philosophy. It was because of his studies that he worked in HSBC thus paving the way for us to meet. He was like an older brother I never had. I enjoyed talking to him not only because he always had wise things to say, but also because he is very fun to talk to. Last year, we talked for four(?) hours straight when we went to the public viewing of the remains of former President Corazon Aquino in La-Salle Greenhills. Having him around made the two hours we spent falling in line so much easier!

I believe that because he is a good person, good karma is also given to him. He is one of HSBC COE's best employees (proof was that he was chosen as one of the finalists to this year's 100 Club), but even after everything he has achieved he remains humble. It seems like he has everything going for him... except when it comes to matters of the heart. He liked one girl before but that did not end the way he wanted it to. And then towards the end of last year, something happened.

We had the same (500) Days of Summer dilemma before. (He even commented on my blog entry about it.) He liked this girl, who at the time was in a rocky relationship with another guy. The girl liked him too, and the inevitable happened when girl and guy-she-was-with broke up. However this did not mean Justin and the girl got together straightaway. The girl asked for time to be alone for a while... Justin waited, and after months, he finally got the answer he was waiting for.

This was not your ordinary "yes, you are now my boyfriend" way, too! (I am basing this story purely on the photos I saw on Justin's Facebook so it's not very detailed but I presume this was what happened :D) They went on a vacation to Davao Pearl Farm (a beautiful destination in the southern part of the Philippines which is also one of my dream destinations), and during one dinner, the girl must have whipped out this cake:

All together now... Awwwwww

Isn't it the sweetest? I love how Justin looks so surprised (teary-eyed, even!) in the other photos :) I'm happy for you Justin, and may you have the happiness you rightfully deserve. :) Thank you for turning me into this one big ball of sap and cheese and for making me realize I can be happy for other people's love stories even when mine is not going so well. After all, I am a true hopeless romantic at heart. :)

Yes, I do admit, I feel a wee bit jealous and it's taking every ounce of my willpower not to take my phone and tell him I miss him and can he please, pretty please whisk me away to a dream vacay like the one Justin had with his paramour because well, hello reality, we are not "together" anymore.

But I refuse to look desperate so I'll just channel these feelings into focusing on being happy for Justin, into willing this ?#*% skin allergy (read previous post if you got confused) away, and in praying that my paramour - whoever he may be - heeds my call and whisk me away. :)


  1. sweeeeeeeet XD good things happen to those who wait :)

  2. awww.. that's so sweet! =)

    and davao is such an awesome place! :)

  3. awwwwwww!!!!! super kilig naman!!!! what a creative way to say it! :) don't worry krissy, one day you will be whisked away too and it will be more than you can imagine! <3

  4. ANG SWEET! :D Hay...
    Our time will come sis!!! ;-) And I know it will be as..or even extra special! ;)Woop! :D
    And naku the skin asthma..hows it going? what are you using to soothe it???

  5. That's a really sweet story, Krissy. Good for Justin and the girl.

    Don't let it bothers you. People have different stories. Good things happen to people at different times :) I'm sure you'll experience your happy ending someday too.

  6. awwwwwwwwww thats is so damn sweet!and you know that cake is all it takes to win me over lol, i love this story

  7. when i was younger, i had more male friends than girl friends. i felt jealous too when each had been taking their time enjoying moments with their gfs. its normal.

    dont worry, your sweet moments will come sooner..

  8. Ahh,.. super sweet! I know what you mean, you want to feel happy for others but sometimes it's hard. Like last year, when everything was hell between my boyfriend and I, I thought it was so difficult to hear my friend Jane talk about her relationship which was going so well. I was happy for her, but at the same time it hurt that the same wasn't the case for me.


  10. that is sooo sweet to say that she is his..... wow how amazing the cake is beautiful too......

    krissy you will find your paramour whoever he will be, your heart is still young and even grandparents still find their true love after all of their years apart...... so dont worry about that.....

  11. I don't know you, but I am SO proud of you!

  12. awww sweet story. and I'm soo proud of you too! :)

  13. Awwh Krissy! You are so sweet for both sharing this adorable story and for staying strong ... this could make anyone feel jealous but I know the right guy will come along and whisk you away, without you having to ask him :)

  14. It is such a sweet story about Justin and his girl. And YOU! You have such a big warm heart. Thanks for sharing this story with us eventhough it aches alittle inside.

    Btw, you kinda look like one of our Malaysian celebrity, Cheryl Samad. :)

  15. @ Ejannz: I'll always remember that "good things happen to those who wait" :)

    @ Belle: I also wanna go there! :D

    @ Kym: Thanks! Na-excite naman ako :D

    @ Anagon: I am still taking my meds and applying the lotion and moisturizer. It's getting better pero still scaly eh :[ Thanks for asking! I miss you! :)

    @ Andhari: Yeah, I am excited for my happy ending :)

    @ Manju: Yeah, I knew you'd get sold on the cake, too! Thank you for loving the story :)

    @ Jing: Thank you, I hope they do :)

    @ Carina: I think it is our "inner b*tches" working when this happens :D

    @ Chymere: It is :)

    @ Annie Marie: Thank you :)

    @ littlemissjuicy: Thank you! That is so sweet! :)

    @ Pop Champagne: Thank you! :)

    @ Nikolett: Thank you, I am excited to meet him! :)

    @ Wenny: Thank you :) And ohmygod, I googled Cheryl Samad and I DO look like her! :D


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