You all really love me

07 April 2010

I didn't get the surprise party I was hoping for, but I got something waaaay better than that!

Seriously you guys, I've never felt more like a princess than in the last two days. 

Last Monday (my last day of work for the week as my rest days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays), I asked some of my officemates to do this for me:





What I was not expecting was seeing some of my favorite blogfriends do something like this when I woke up on my big day. Among the sea of sweet texts, sweet Facebook wall posts, and sweet tweets, are these treasures:

Tiara started it all by posting this on her blog:

You're so cute! I love the kimono! :)

She even asked Nashe to do one for me!

Very cute (and pink!) handwriting :)

Before I knew it, these beautiful ladies did the same:

Sneaky, sneaky Kym has this photo in this post!
I can't wait for you to visit the Philippines so I can let you eat all the Jollibee you want! :D

While the ever-so-adorable Nikolett made this very cute drawing for me in this post.
She even greeted me in Filipino via Twitter! :)

It did not stop there. This morning, I saw this in Andhari's blog:

Soooo cute! She posted about me here.

Ejannz, Rick, Ana, and Meream also mentioned my birthday in their posts. This led to a barrage of greetings from new friends and acquaintances who all made me smile and feel really, really special :)

To everyone who greeted me online via Blogger (to those who commented on my birthday post, I promise I'm going to pay each of your blogs a visit so I can thank you personally), Facebook, and Twitter, via phone calls (special mention to one of my best friends from college Jinna who called me very unexpectedly just to sing to me Happy Birthday) and SMS, and personally, I only have this to say to you:

from the bottom of my pink, glittering heart!

I know you're all very busy, but still you took the time to do this for me. It does not take much to make me happy and your gestures have left me so pleasantly surprised. I am filled with big doses of blog love and my heart is just so uplifted seeing all your kind and sweet messages. Really, there shouldn't be any reason for me to be sad as there are lots of people who love me. Thank you everyone! Ice cream toast!

PS: Sorry for this birthday SPAM folks, I swear all these will be over once May's here. More to come, I hope you won't get tired of me. Told 'ya it will be a month-long celebration. :D


  1. aww. krissy! you are soo welcome! you deserved to be greeted like that cos you are nicey-awesome woman! :)
    Belated happy birthday again! :)

  2. Of course you're a princess and of course your readers (me included haha) are awesome. I am so gonna text you if I find myself in Manila :p

  3. Iloveit! All is Cute! :) :) You deserve these! :) Love you bday girl! :)

  4. ahhhhhh missed it, if i knew i;d make a sign too, happy birthday again krissy love!

  5. Krssy, we love you, because it's a fact that you're a kind and lovely cutie. :)

  6. You deserve all the love, baby love. :) glad you love your birthday!

  7. How can I not be awesome? Eh, i have the most awesome-ness friend which is you! Ü Nosebleed me!hahaha
    Love u krissy! :D

  8. im sooo happy i got to see your cute face in little miss dress up last year haha, you were sooo cute.

    but anyways you DESERVE it girlie you are nice and i know you are like that too in real life based on your pics and how you describe and explain your pink life.

    maligayang kaarawan again and enjoy your wow month long celeb. para kang arista hehe just kidding thanks again for being my blog friend mwah


    Gah, I'm super delayed in replying to your comments >.<


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