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14 April 2010

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who commented in my previous post. I cannot stress this enough: you are all so AMAZING. To think that you have known me for, what, six months max(?) - and not even personally at that! Relatively speaking, I am but a minor blip in your universe, but to know that you care for me enough to leave those sweet messages really warms my pink, glittering heart. ♥♥

So yeah, I am okay now :) I still get the occasional sadness, but I can say that I am okay. I agree with my good friend Ed when he said he just wants to either be perfectly happy or downright miserable than just be okay, but that word actually summarizes what I feel right now. I'm not gonna lie, I do admit I miss him. I miss the terms of endearment, the "good morning" and "good night" texts, and the instant dates, but I must say I am coping well. I bawled my eyes out that night, but managed to act perfectly normal at work the next day. I don't know, maybe it's just the realization that nothing good will come out of whining. Besides, I just turned a year older so I should act more mature. So, instead of ending that last sentence with a ! :D, I hit backspace and replaced them with a period. Because nothing says mature than a prim and proper period.

Also, if truth be told, I am actually enjoying our status as "just friends" right now. The pressure to be happy and to please have been lifted - everything's relaxed, and I am cool with that. As illustrated by an episode of the current season of How I Met Your Mother, "it's not about two people breaking up; it's two friends getting back together."

Okay. I promise I won't flood you with these emo-stuff anymore. At least not for the next few paragraphs :D

Because now, I am going to talk about this ?#*% skin allergy! 

During my Ilocos trip, I suddenly got these itchy rashes on my arms. I ignored them and dismissed them as mere insect bites (for some reason I smell really yummy to them and they always bite me). But then the rashes grew really itchy and multiplied like crazy that my officemates even thought I've been affected with measles! My lips were not spared! I got Angelina Joliesque lips which I thought was awesome and sexy if only they did not hurt and chap like crazy! I was super scared so I went to the doctor who after lab tests diagnosed I had a fungal infection. He prescribed (very expensive) medicines and sent  me home. The rashes disappeared since then but made a comeback on my birthday! You may remember that my whole family and I went swimming that day. Well, before the day was through my arms and legs were covered with rashes, much itchier and more painful! I didn't want to take chances this time so I consulted a dermatologist. She asked lots of questions and I remembered the common denominator: Nivea Sun SPF30! After checking my rashes again, she said I am allergic to the sunblock's active ingredients and then proceeded to prescribe (more expensive!) medicines, soap, lotion and moisturizer. Yeah, it is expensive but I guess since this is my skin we're talking about then I wouldn't really want to scrimp. Also, I am not allowed to eat different foods, at least until the rashes have all cleared up. I miss chicken and mangoes :( Also, I miss wearing my dresses. Jeans in this heat? Come on! Also, this ?#*% skin allergy ruined my summer (a bit) because now, I am not allowed to go swimming (most especially in swimming pools). So yeah, I wasn't able to go with my high school bestfriends last Sunday and my beach trip for April's last weekend has been cancelled :( ?#*% skin allergy! Also, the rashes have somehow cleared up now, but my skin has become super dry and has been peeling like crazy. You would think that the moisturizer would help seeing as how I spent top money on it. I look like a snake shedding its old skin :( Good thing my arms and legs are the only areas affected. God knows what I would have done if it also happened to my face! ?#*% skin allergy! 

Uhh, of course that's not the best thing about having my own apartment! :D

Anyway, renting my own place might end abruptly for me if I don't find a housemate or a new apartment before May 13! My housemate Asther has decided to *sniffsniff* leave me and live instead with his brother who will be staying in Manila as well to study. For some reason they don't want me to live with them :( So yeah, I need a new housemate who can help me split the rent, or find a place with lower rent where I can live (gasp!) alone... Not sure if that is a good idea though as I might go crazy! Aside from the fact I don't know anything about preparing a meal for myself that does not involve fastfood delivery hotline numbers or frying, I also get terribly lonely without anyone to talk to. I guess I'd better stock up on DVDs. But before that I need to buy a new TV :( I really hope someone can just be my housemate (come on Belle, decide already! :D) as packing and moving will be really tough! I've got less than a month to sort everything out so I have to focus. You may suggest that I just go back to my parents' house. Well, that is an option, however I just don't want to waste a good three hours each day (not to mention the 200php transportation fare) I would need to allot if I would be going to and from work to my parents' house.

So, pray for me?

PS: Looking like a snake shedding its old skin - reason why photos in this post were all lifted from Tumblr and xkcd.


  1. Aww, you are strong :) And I say you can still be mature and use exclamation points! As long as you don't use eight million of them!!!!!!!!!!!

    On a serious note, I hope the rashes clear up for good and that you feel better ... my mom's allergic to sunblock and that's just not fun :( And I hope you find a roommate! Wishing and hoping and praying for you! If I could, I would totally move there haha.

  2. @ Nikolett: Thank you! :) I wonder how awesome it would be if we could be housemates, even just for a month! Kym suggested that I move there in Canada instead so I can see her and you :D

  3. orrrrrrr you can come to ireland and be my housemate. ya know, i'm kinda looking for an awesome housemate to live with me come july. ehehehe.

    we'd be so awesome that we can cry together while watching the notebook. or something ;p

  4. You're a strong, independent and beautiful woman. I'm sure you'll be more than okay pretty soon.

    One time, I got irritating rashes because I consumed some kind of fish reared in canals! I wasn't aware of that when I ate it but it didn't sit well with me. So I had to consult a dermatologist and I was prescribed expensive lotions and soaps! As you said, you can't scrimp.

    Wish you all the best! ;p

  5. Great to know that you're feeling better... you are awesome Krissy!!!


  6. @ Ejannz: Being housemates with you would totally be awesome! I really, really wish we can do that! There'll be lots of girl talks involved, I presume :D

    @ Johanna Hill: Thank you :) Oh I'm glad all those expensive meds worked for you! I'm still waiting for the little scars to disappear >.<

    @ Leah: Thank you so much! :D

  7. awww im soo sorry for your skin haiii it ruined your days im sure.. but it wont last long and your beautiful skin will come back again.

    good luck on finding a new roomie... hope he or she will be great roomies for you.

  8. Yikes, rashes! I once had not avoid chicken for a year because of allergies. It was a decision I made myself, too. Haha

    Hope you're feeling better today :)

    PS - My website was busted for a while. It's back up but I lost some content and your comments (that I really treasure). BIG SAD but life goes on, yeah? Adding you to my blogroll again. :)

  9. @ Annie: Thank you, I do hope I find myself a housemate soon! :)

    @ Meream: Thank you :) Sorry about what happened to your site, that's just awful :( I had the same thing happen to me when my phone's 2,896 messages got deleted just the other day :(

  10. Krissy, we care for you, but we also believe in you. You always find some strength and something positive in everything. That's why you're so likable. I hope you find a house mate, I really hope everything goes well for you. Hug! :)


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