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20 April 2010

In my continuous bid to make April 2010 the best month evarrr in spite of what happened in the love department I filed for leave from work last weekend and made plans with my friends from college.

I tried to have a get together with my Sinister Sisters Recks, Minnie and Jinna since the last time us four were complete was three years ago (when we returned our dress gowns at the university after graduation) but Recks and Minnie couldn't make it. Jinna has been badgering me for quite some time to go to her side of the metro and since she went to mine the last time I saw her in November, I gave in and agreed to go to Bonifacio High Street in Taguig. You can laugh all you want but at my age of 24, I have only been there twice before. That was three years ago when we were still doing our thesis. (We did an advertising campaign for Go Nuts! Donuts and their main competitor - Krispy Kreme - just opened their first branch there.)

17 April 2010
Saturday, 2PM
Because I am a total klutz when it comes to directions, I was already expecting I would get lost. Thankfully I managed to find my way to High Street quite easily (the "getting lost" part came much later when I was already trying to go to Manila from Taguig lol) I met with Jinna and she showed me around. Of course, we also took lots of photos. Let me share some of them :)

a couple asked us to take their photo and they gladly offered to take ours :)

For my international readers, the High Street is located in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Adjacent to Market! Market! and upscale residential condominiums, it is home to trendy restaurants, bars, clubs and shops. Different events and launches are also held there. Basically it is like a park where families can spend quality time and just enjoy. We saw lots of people walking their dogs, children on their bikes and skateboards,

even kids playing tic tac toes,

and chess!

We had a late lunch at Conti's and I swear, everything was so delicious! I wouldn't mind eating there everyday, but I don't think my wallet can handle it :D

I had Salmon Salpicao and Dalandan Juice. Yummers!

For dessert we shared a Choco Walnut Torte and it was heavenly! My old fave Choco Cherry Torte got pwned :D

We spent the rest of the day just chatting and catching up. It was sooo much fun! She is one of my best girl friends and it is always a delight talking to her. I had to leave by 7PM though because of plans with other friends from college but before we parted ways we went to The Ice Cream Bar and got frozen yogurts.

The toppings in hers are bananas, walnuts and biscotti drizzled with caramel syrup while mine was topped with brownies, cashews and choco sprinkles. Yummers one more time!

17 April 2010
Saturday, 8PM
I then had to get lost again(!) go to Robinson's Place Manila to meet with Ed and our other college friends for KTV night! The last time I saw them was at our Ilocos trip and until now we're still laughing over the stories and jokes from that trip :D

at Sbarro
from left to right: Myk, Red, Kenneth, Khel, JV, Precious, Mines, Ed and Krissy
Pawlo and Karlo weren't around yet

outside the mall

We then went to Music21 in Malate for two-and-a-half hours of KTV, food and drinks. With a group of three girls and eight(!) gay guys (who are all talented in singing, I must say!) you can already expect that it will be a riot! :D

We rented a Manny Pacquiao-themed room

I don't drink so they shared all of those alcohol among themselves :D

they made me sing a Britney Spears song :D

I helped myself with the food, though :D

18 April 2010
Sunday, 2AM
I was already tired and a bit sleepy so us three girls and Karlo went to Starbucks while the rest of the guys hit up a bar.

Mines and me, feeling very comfortable in Starbucks :D

Karlo and Precious

At 4AM we followed the guys to the bar and were relieved they were already outside. After a lot of goodbyes and a whole lot more jokes, I managed to get home at 5AM. So yeah, it was a very fun-filled day-out AND night-out!

18 April 2010
Sunday, 10AM
I woke up and was excited because the optometrist from Eye-Q texted me to say my new glasses was ready for collection! Yay! They told me I should wait for seven working days so I am very happy that they were able to finish it much sooner! I was able to convince my housemate Asther and officemate Mich to come with me to the mall and I am very thankful as I really need the company these days.

Nope, I haven't started wearing my new glasses yet. Will "launch" them this Friday :D

18 April 2010
Sunday, 5PM
capped the day with Dairy Queen's Brownie Temptation Blizzard :)

I really appreciate being able to take my mind off things for a while. I may say I am okay but there are times I am not - I really am not. But I know through sheer will power, determination, prayers, and my friends, I will be okay. So, if you are planning some kind of escape, take me with you, will you? :)

To all my friends (that includes YOU who are reading this this instant): You MUST know how I appreciate all the support you are giving me at this time. I hope you won't get tired :) I LOVE YOU ALL! ♥♥ 


  1. oh my.. conti's AND dairy queen. i miss manila :((

  2. right Krissy, when I finally come there, we have to do all those, okay? Show me around, we'll sing in a karaoke and I don't really drink too (well... I drink a little, just so I know how it tastes :P) and all those starbucks and ice creams, ALL of them! and don't forget about the shopping spree.

    Okay, gotta start save my bucks now. no new shoes, no new dress because I want to meet krissy, lol :P

  3. I love you too girl... you really need time to bond with friends and enjoy so that you'll be able to channel your thoughts elsewhere. xoxo

    PS... Conti's cakes are the best too.

  4. Krissy sweetie! Take me to Manila with you please! No Dairy Queen here in Davao. Gosh, you guys have everything. hehehehe. Bonding time with friends is definitely a sprit lifter. I hope you get to have more times like these. Stay happy always Krissy! mwah

  5. ilovefriends! :) theyre always the best! glad youre having fun sis---and yehey a high street gimmick! :D

  6. I'm glad you had such a great time with your friends! I'm feel the same way about my friends. But if they betray me, my vengence is swift and terrible!!! Well, if not talking to them anymore counts as vengence. LOL!!!

  7. loveyoukrissybaby! <3
    if there are times you don't feel okay again, just come and talk to me alright :)

  8. @ Belle: Come back here na :)

    @ Tiara: Oh lady, you HAVE to honor that promise someday soon! :D

    @ Leah: Thank you :) Yes, their choco walnut torte has just become my new favorite :)

    @ Mel: I would love that! Come visit me here! :)

    @ Anagon: Oo nga eh, I hope we get to do this, too! :D

    @ Rick: Not being able to talk to you and hear your cool and awesome stories is totally not worth betraying you over! :)

    @ Manju: Thank you Manjubaby, I really do appreciate that :)

  9. awwww we <3 you krissy! if i could keep you company, i would! ORRRRR you could always vacation here in canada. haha! ;D I'm glad you are surrounded by such great friends especially in times like this. Kayang kaya mo yan Krissy! :)

  10. aww.. your pictures are so sweet! ^^
    I really want to go to Manila too..(back to my roots,hehe)
    and that ice cream looks yummy! :D

  11. wuv you tooooo kwisseeeeeee =D

    love that white off shoulder top. i can hardly wear one cuz i have such a chunky shoulder ahha!

  12. Leave from work = little vacation, right? Or did you quit? Sorry, I'm confused (as I usually am)! But these pictures made me smile - glad you have such amazing friends and good times surrounding you - love your outfits :D Which Britney Spears song did you sing? I think we'd have a fun hangout if we were to meet!

    And I can't wait for the "launch" of your glasses this Friday ;)

  13. I miss my friends now! Nothing beats spending time with your close friends. And all those delish food you've consumed! *drooling*

  14. @ Kym: Sana nga I can just drop everything here and hop aboard the first plane to Canada! That would be super awesome! :D Thanks Kym! Kayang kaya ko 'to! :D

    @ Ceecile Priscilla Clara: What do you mean "back to my roots"? Are you also a Filipino? Or were you born here in the Philippines! Come visit, you're always welcome! :)

    @ Ejannz: Huh, I don't think you have a chunky shoulder! Methinks Ejannz is sexzyyy! :D

    @ Nikolett: Yup, it's just a little vacation :) I sang "Oops! I Did It Again" and Taylor Swift's "Love Story" LOL! I would love to have KTV with you and Tiara, too! :) Oh, this Friday is my third anniversary at the office so we are planning a mini party. I'll wear the glasses there :D

    @ Johanna Hill: Good friends are the best :)

  15. i'm there na this 24, but e'll be leaving for palawan right after.. :D

    anyway, if my exam at heart goes well, i'll be there indefinitely! lol

  16. Awww I wish I had as many buddies as you do. :]

  17. Britney at the Karaoke bar. We are so similar in so many ways! Haha

    Glad you rose above all the crazy things April has thrown your way. :)

  18. Krissy, I'm so jealous! You always have a lot of fun with many people. I miss that here in Taiwan sometimes.

  19. I see very familiar faces! Karlo is also my friend from HS. You guys had so much fun! =) I miss college days because of this post, hay. =)

  20. @ Belle: See you see you! :D

    @ Nashe: It's weird actually that I only got closer to the second group of friends featured on this post AFTER we graduated from college :D

    @ Meream: I really want to meet youuuu :)

    @ Dang: Wow, you knew Karlo from way back? Small world, indeed :)

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