Oh Murphy, why are you mocking me?

26 February 2010

What's the sense of having a Krispy Kreme kiosk in your office when it's closed during your working hours?

Why is fate messing with me just when I don't really want it to? Murphy's Law (Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.) always seems to apply to me. You see, I will be having my two-weeks vacation leave next week and I am planning to go out of town so yeah, I would be needing funds. Incidentally, today should have been one of the two happiest and most anticipated days in my workmonth - payday. I checked my Internet Banking last night just to see whether it has already credited my account and lo and behold! I got waaaay less than what I normally get (during you know, when things don't go wrong). I would take it in stride if only a couple thousand pesos is involved, but almost half of my salary has gone missing! I went to work today feeling so bad and learned that my officemates also experienced the same thing. I don't know when everything will  be sorted out, but I do hope they make sure it's done the soonest time possible as I have a vacation (and an Owl City concert - I'm keeping my fingers crossed!) to look forward to.

And seriously, I love being a girl, but I am not a big fan of periods. I mean, I know it's necessary for conception and continuation of the human race, but does it really have to involve menstrual cramps? It is very inconvenient as it is, but why does it have to hurt? x_x


  1. OWL CITY CONCERT!! If you really get the ticket I'll envy you for the whole 2010! D:


    and geez, I wonder what's happening with the bank and all financial problem that cut your and your friends' salary :| hope everything will be back normal soon.

  2. My girl has the same problem recently, I mean the period and it's really bad, if it starts to leak. Must be so stressful to be a woman sometimes. >_<

  3. hope your paycheque works out. and yeah getting cramps totally sucks! haev a great vaca <3

  4. lol aww that's like having a MAC counter or a starbucks near work that is always closed!

  5. At least you don't have to worry about spending too much money on donuts...and then needing to exercise! =)

  6. same thing happen to me recently. my pay is like, only 1/4 of what i usually earn.


    esp when i've this overworked. i mean, i deal with bullshit everyday and i don't get paid? like wtf??

    so i feel you babe. :(

  7. uhoh, badvibes. must be the summer heat huh?

    but i bet owl city will make your summer awesome. (and a decent paycheck will always help too.) hehe.


  8. i could explain to you why it hurts, but knowing doesn't change the fact that it does hurt!

    chocolates help (they always do! :D) and a glass of wine. :P try hot compresses, too. :)

  9. Why did they give less payment? You should ask someone, dearie. Girl always gotta have her shoe/make up money :p

    I hate cramps too. Not to mention I'm a total bitch during my period.

  10. @ Tiara: I am badgering Dane to go with me, I really don't want to miss it! :D

    @ Nino: It is. I love being a girl, except during times like these x_x

    @ Pop Champagne: Thanks :)

    @ Amynaree: That's right! It is awful when I want a sweet fix and it's closed.

    @ Rick: Hmm you're right, but I still want my paycheck! XD

    @ Ejannz: Stressful customers just turned a lot more stressful. Boo for people who deal with our salaries :(

    @ manik_reigun: I really, really wish I can go to the concert. Thanks! :)

    @ Belle: Oh yes, hot compress is my savior. But I didn't know chocolates can help? Will try that, thanks! :)

    @ Andhari: There is something wrong with the automated system that checks our daily attendance, determining how much we will be paid for cut off. My rest days were marked as absences, wtf right? Do they expect me to go to work 7 days a week? I sure hope they sort everything out soon.


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