Tags and Awards Galore Part 1

20 January 2010

I was supposed to go somewhere today but the dark cloudy sky loomed menacingly so I scrapped my plans and rescheduled it for Friday. Left with a LOT of free time in my hands I figured I would do some overdue tags. :)

So yeah, Tags and Awards Galore! (I decided to divide them into sections so it won't get too confusing and boring. This is Part 1.)

Awesome Girl Award from Nikolett

Haute Mess Award from Jing

Blog I Read A Lot Award from Edxaii

The first two required me to list down seven facts about me. I already did a tag similar to this one here but it's always nice to do another list, right? :) I decided to make a list of fourteen facts like Jing did :)

1. I am not a big fan of chocolates. I prefer fruity candies like Skittles and gummy candies like sour gummi worms.
2. I used to not like perfumes and scents because I get nauseatic and slightly dizzy when I put them on. Now I like fruity-floral scents and have three bottles of different perfumes and about six different colognes and body sprays.
3. I love attending workshops, especially writing workshops. I attended a Writing Workshop Series in 2008 but did not get the chance to go to any last year.  I hope this year a writing group organizes something.
4. My feet used to hurt when I wear flats. That changed when I got into my Havaianas- and ballet  flats-craze last year. I am making my feet used to wearing heels again though.
5. This sounds a bit mean, but I don't like grammatical errors. I admit I am not perfect when it comes to the English grammar but at least I know the difference between your and you're and their and they're  and that you don't  pluralize stuff (noun) by saying or writing stuffs. Argh! I even saw someone in Facebook answer those Social Interview questions asking "What is your pet peeve?" She answered, "Umm, we have dogs..."  ARGH!!
6. And I also don't like sticky caps. That means typing LikE tHiS.
7. I don't like watching Filipino soap operas/ telenovelas. I am not unpatriotic and I believe in the Filipino talent but for me, storylines of the aforementioned are too rehashed and contrived. I'd rather watch Glee or How I Met Your Mother.
8. I can get totally fixated by something that everything I say revolves around my current addiction/ obsession. Remember 500 Days of Summer? That was all I talked about for DAYS! And now, Dane's complaining that all I talk about is Avatar. Can he blame me? The movie was awesome! :D
9. I get the worst LSS (Last Song Syndrome) cases. On the summer I turned twelve years old, I wanted to sleep early because we will go swimming the next day but I couldn't because TLC's No Scrubs is on endless loop in my head! It is remembered fondly as one of my worst nights ever!
10. I used to have the worst allergy to earrings, even the hypoallergenic ones. I spent my pre-pubescent years jealous of my classmates  who can wear those cute plastic jelly earrings. But on my 18th birthday, nothing - not even bloody ears - can stop me from wearing a pair of beautiful swarovski  earrings that perfectly matches my gown so I had my ears pierced again. Guess what, I outgrew my earring allergy! I swore then I would catch up and buy all the cute plastic jelly earrings I wanted. I now have more than 30 pairs :D
11. I have started to love bath products (i.e. soaps and body wash), especially those that smell really, really good (who wouldn't, right?)
12. Yellow used to be my favorite color. Now it's (quite obviously) pink. :)
13. I consider not graduating with honors in college my biggest failure. I graduated Valedictorian in kindergarten, Third Honorable  Mention in elementary and First Honorable  Mention in high school and was a consistent Dean's Lister in college so it made the disappointment a little bit more painful. And this, just because I got a 2.75 in Political Science. I should have been a Magna Cum Laude if not for that. I know Honors are just titles, but they make the nerd in me happy x_x
14. I cannot leave a mall without buying something. Even an item as small as a bookmark will do so long as I don't go home emptyhanded.

So there's my list. That was quite fun :) Thank you Nikolett, Jing and Edxaii for remembering me!


  1. It was nice to know more about you :)

  2. Damn, okayyyyy.....since you mentioned it now i remembered that no scrubs song, and have it stuck in my head >_<''
    lol your feet hurt when you wore flats? isn't it supposed to b the other way round and hurt when you wear heels? hahhaaa
    hope you're having a good week krissy girl <3

  3. Hshshsh...TLC!!!!! No, I don't want no scrubs! I missed that song!

    And we're so the same, I'm actually sloppy when I'm in flats! I trip more when I'm wearing flats than when I'm in heels. Hahaha..weirdos in the house! :P

  4. Krissy, congrats on the awards. If anybody gives you chocolates, call me and I'll get rid of them for you. Hahaha!

    I knew you are a smart girl... I can sense it from the way you write.

  5. krissy... hey girl...
    thank you for accepting the award =)

    have a wonderful day!

  6. YES! You are officially my sister soulmate for loving Skittles, that is my favourite candy of all time. ALL TIME! Haha.

    It was fun getting to know more about you :)

    And one of my favourite Filipino movies is "D'Lucky Ones", have you seen it? Haven't wathced any of their soap operas, though.

  7. @ Russ: Thank you :)

    @ Manju: Wahaha sorry Manju, I hope you did not get a bad case of LSS like I did :D

    @ Jess: I read somewhere that the reason for that is our feet's bone structure! We're lucky our feet are built that way! :D

    @ Jing: You're welcome! :)

    @ Nikolett: I didn't know that, that's awesome! :D Oh wow, I haven't seen that movie yet, I am not a big fan of its stars :D

  8. You're an interesting young woman, Krissy! I get annoyed with myself when I make a typo that makes it appear I don't know the difference between words (to vs. too for example), but hopefully it doesn't happen TOO often. =)

    I really like Glee and How I Met Your Mother.

  9. @ Rick: Thank you :)
    I love those shows, kudos to the writers for coming up with fresh storylines :)


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