I see red, people.

23 January 2010

Okay, I am sorry for that terrible pun. I should be ashamed of myself. I apologize and I will try to think of a more creative title next time :D

I was tagged by Meream to post 7 red things in my home. I was hesitant at first because I did not have too many red stuff (since most of my items are in pink). After a couple of weeks though I was finally able to complete the 7 items! Here they are:

I'm a Pirate! shirt by Ikon Tees

This is one of the few 'un-girly' shirts I have. The print in front is a pixelated pirate's flag while the back is covered with pixelated crossbones. An ex-boyfriend and I bought our own shirts with the same design (because we were cheesy like that) and wore them at the same time one New Year's day. We have since broken up,  but that doesn't mean I cannot wear this shirt anymore, does it? I actually love the fit of this shirt on me. :)

Strawberry necklace, Ariel necklace, Lucite Heart necklace, Ariel bottle-cap necklace (which I made myself), and Cherry necklace

One thing I can be remembered by is my excessive obsession over something all the time. I had this mad obsession with long necklaces before which resulted to, umm, about 80 necklaces? I especially love quirky and unique ones; I have an abacus necklace, a phonograph necklace, a BINGO necklace, even a Pringles necklace! :)

floral brass bangle with faux ruby crystals

Sorry for the crappy photo, this actually looks very pretty when worn. I love how it jazzes up an otherwise boring tee-and-jeans combination.

Strawberry-frosted donut ring made from polymer clay

This is one of the first few purchases I made online. Such a shame that the lady/ artist I bought it from does not make polymer clay-accessories anymore. I also have the chocolate-frosted with candy sprinkles version of this donut ring, as well as the matching necklace. :)

Alab ng Puso
Kikomachine Komix #5 by Manix Abrera

If you are from the Philippines and you have never read of any of the Kikomachine Komix books or strips then I demand that you go straightaway to National Bookstore or Powerbooks and get yourselves copies of the five books Manix has written for Kikomachine Komix. You won't regret it, the man is a genius. I LOL'd so many times at these books, the characters are hilarious! I especially had a tough time locating this 5th book as bookstores always ran out of stocks within a few days of delivery. So how did I manage to get one? Dane searched high and low and got me my copy. :)

bottles of nail polish

Looking at my nails and seeing beautiful color painted on them is an instant mood pick-me-upper. Here I have Careline's Fantasy Red (a deep red with gold glitter) and Caress' Sparkle Pink (which until now I am not sure why they named it such, seeing that it's actually more red than pink.)

Breakfast at Tiffany's DVD

I watched it just now and I still can't get over how beautiful Audrey Hepburn is. Such a classic and elegant beauty and style! Now I want to start using my Audrey Hepburn bag again :D And of course I loved the movie. I'm glad I got this DVD. :)

So there are my seven red things. Now we proceed to the fun part of me tagging people :)

I know that most of you have already done this tag already but I would greatly appreciate it if you go around the house and take pictures of 7 PINK items :) I am tagging:
Miss Guimba

Enjoy showcasing your pink stuff! :D


  1. am i the only weird person around because i can never finish watching breakfast at tiffany's? i don't know whether it was just me or i just cannot click with the movie =S i'll give it another umpteenth shot.

  2. okay i must be reallyyyyyy tired because i read 'phonograph' as 'pornography' and had to go back and read it again, hahaha, wtf right? lolzzzz
    and omg you have 80 long necklaces!!that's ....A LOT!
    thanks for tagging me krissyyyyyy
    happy weekend darling *hugs*

  3. Type ko ang red tee mo... I'm loving skulls these days.

  4. your jewelry collection is so cute and love that donut ring!

  5. Haha, that IS a creative title. I wanted to ask you if they knew they were red, but that really would be bad--and I would have to ignore your perfectly placed comma! =)

  6. I see red people! Hahaha..that's funny Krissy!

    Anyway, taaaaaaags! This is such a fun one! I love red! Anyway, Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my all time favorites. It's such a light, yet romantic film. But I like vintage movies in general, so yeah.

    Thanks krissy for being so caring. The comments you left on my posts sure made me feel a lil bit better. It's so nice to have bloggy friends like you! You know what I'm thinking, LET'S MEET UP! My gosh you're just in QC, and I'm in Mandaluyong, we could meet up and maybe go karaoke-ing? Hahaha.

  7. That IS a lot of red stuff.
    I love RED. Got tons of 'em in my room ☮.♥.☆

  8. Weee :D Ok im going to look for those pink stuff hehehe! :D :D :D
    Oh and some of the necklaces look familiar! :D Katuwa naman!!! :)
    I like this,its a tag entry but ang dami naring kwento :) <3

  9. I particularly loved the bracelet and the donut ring. So cute! :)

    I've always loved looking at Audrey Hepburn but I never watched a single movie of hers because I never had the energy, heehee.

  10. i love the style of the your red t-shirt. it should be more better if you'll giv it 2 me^^ ahha jk.:) ammm.. i also like ur donut ring^^ bongga! konti nalang pede nang kainin :]

  11. Showed the boyfriend your Kikomachine copy. He ranted: The copies never reach Cebu. They always run out.

    Haha He collects them, too.

  12. I loved the red shirt, Krissy. I say I don't like red at all, but I look at my stuff and I see red everywhere. I look at my childhood photos and I am always wearing red. Could it be that red likes me? Lol!

  13. Dude, I am LOVING your funky taste in necklaces!

  14. @ Ejannz: That's okay, there are also some books and movies I cannot finish no matter how much I try to XD

    @ Manju: Haha that's also one of my former manager's jokes, that I am wearing a "pornograph" necklace :D

    @ Leah: Thank you :)

    @ Amynaree: Thank you :)

    @ Rick: Haha thanks! I was really debating with myself last night whether to post that title or not :D

    @ Jessica: Thanks! :D I loved Breakfast at Tiffany's! I was even crying while watching it last night, yes I am such a baby :D And I am glad I made you feel a lil better, yes we should definitely meet up! I am not good in videoke though :D

    @ Russ: Now that I think of it, it is a bright, happy color. I especially like fire engine-red :)

    @ Anagon: Hehe, oo nga eh :D Enjoy! :D

    @ Teeyah: Thanks! It was my first time to watch one of her movies, and she is really beautiful. And a fine actress at that :)

    @ Edxaii: Thanks! :)

    @ Meream: What copies does he need? I can ship them to you! :)

    @ Miss Guimba: Hmmm, maybe! :D

    @ That Kind of Girl: Thank you! I'd love to post more of them! :)

  15. I love your necklaces, they're all so girly and cute. I wanna borrow some :D

  16. hi krissy :) thanks for following back and teaching me how to add ads :)

    i love your pirate shirt!

  17. I'm with Manju. I read the phonograph as 'pornograph'. I like the bangle!

  18. @ Andhari: Thank you! I will post some of my other favorites next week :)

    @ Superchuboink: You're welcome! :)

    @ Nashe^: Haha my former TL says that a lot, too :D


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