MMSM - Kiddie Birthday Parties

25 January 2010

Yay for Mondays! That is the battlecry of this serial. If you were not able to read this post, I said there that I want to start a regular fixture in this blog that will be known as Make Me Smile Mondays, for the sole reason that I want to make you find a reason to smile on a day that you (may or may not) dread (this being the start of another school- or work-week). Ü

Since this is the first MMSM post, I wanted to make it perfect. I racked my brains in the last couple of days  - and even asked assistance from friends - thinking of what I will feature first. And then I realized, hey, this should be about things that make me happy so I shouldn't  be too stressed about it. I should  just go with the flow and wait for inspiration to strike. Weekend rolled, and it did.

Last weekend is one of the best weekends I have had in a looooong time, mainly because I did not have work! As you know, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my rest days so the only way I can enjoy weekends is to file for vacation leaves. I learned to budget my VLs wisely ever since I used up  all of them on the first six months of last year, leaving me with no VLs  for the rest of the remaining half x_x I was supposed to go with Dane to Bicol but my VL for Monday (today) was not approved. So yeah, he's there now enjoying his vacation, while I am here missing him. Left on my own, I tried to look for other things to do so my weekend will not be put to waste.  Thank God for friends, they provided the distraction I needed!

On Saturday Mich and I had a photoshoot with Karlo, a friend from college. What is the photoshoot for? It was actually inspired by Project Barbie! Another valid reason for this: we are only young once, so we better have our pictures taken while we are at the prime of our youth. Ü I can't wait to show you the pictures! They would have to wait for a little bit longer though, I don't want to spoil Project Barbie. Ü

After the shoot I went to my home-city so I can attend my godchild Kaylee's birthday party. It was supposed to take place last week but she got asthma and broncho-pneumonia and was confined in Infant Jesus Hospital. Good thing she's okay now. Because I arrived at 7PM, I was already too late for the mini programme and kiddie parlor games. x_x I was already too late to see Kaylee dressed in full regalia (boo!) so I just took a photo of hers from her mom's Facebook account (they haven't uploaded photos from the party yet).

Baby Kaylee
She turned 1 year old on January 14

It was great to see my friends from elementary and high school again! They are my oldest friends - people I have been friends with for the longest time.
Sidenote: Our other classmates created a Facebook group for our high school batch and uploaded photos from waaaaaay back. Gah I was too skinny! I pray those photos won't reach you :D

Here's what we look like now:

me and Ching

me and Carmela
notice  how we kinda look alike?
us three (together with Jeje) were called Triplets back in our COCC days
here I did her makeup with the same shades I used in my face :D

me and Christian

I love these guys!

I ended up sleeping over at Dianne's house. The next day I planned to just laze around  the whole day and Net-surf to my heart's content, but fate had other plans.My bestfriend Jerome did not stop pestering badgering urging me until I said yes to hanging out at his house so I can look at his plans for a new business. (I am so happy that he is so wise with money, unlike me a certain person I know.) Before I knew it I was whisked away to another kiddie birthday party! It is for our classmate Jane's sister Janeil. This time, it was held at Jollibee.

For my non-Filipino readers, Jollibee is the number one competitor of McDonald's here in the Philippines. This picture I got from Tumblr can explain it better:

Who's that fat stupid happy bee? Everyone, meet Jollibee!

If that alone won't put a smile on your face, I don't know what will :D

busting a move with Twirlie

Kiddie Party Krissy :D

Ron and Jer

Grace, me, Bhade, Elly

me and Ron

I am glad I was able to see my friends and classmates again after a very long time! :) So yeah, two kiddie parties in one weekend. At the age of 19 23? Not bad :D

It got me thinking of my own birthday parties. Apart from my 7th Birthday Party in Mary Jay's Restaurant (after my graduation from Kindergarten, to celebrate my being a Valedictorian),  Debut Party on my 18th birthday and my Pink Positive Party I didn't really get to have kiddie birthday parties. I suppose it would be grand to have a LOT of gifts. And parlor games will be fun! I laughed so hard when Jerome told his twin brother Jonas that they should not stop until they have convinced their mom to let them have a Jolli Kiddie Party as well when they turn 24 this year :D  It got me thinking about what kind of celebration I will prepare for this year. But then again I would really want to buy a new camera so I should just save my money for that. And now I am getting ahead of myself already. Must. Stay. Focused. What about you? What are your fondest birthday memories? Do share! :)

Sorry for the quite long post. I leave you now with my resolution to not gloat about my rest days for the next two days. Mwahaha. Have a fabulous week, everyone! ♥♥


  1. GORGEOUS photos!Ü
    OMG, super natawa ako dun sa McDonald's sign. Hahaa! Super funny!

  2. what cute photos! i would love to try jolibee :)

  3. this made me happy and sad at the same time... such a cute baby! and i love joilbeee!! but the reason i got sad was because... its a rare treat for me. :( gahhh i miss it! and p.s - does dane read your blog?

  4. lol... yes, echoing kym's q: does dane read this blog? >:D

  5. aww cute baby! and LOL on mcdonalds and Jollibee. I read a case study on that in my international study class a few years back! It's pretty amazing that they kick mcdonald's butt considering every other contry has been pretty much defeated by mcdonalds!

  6. Yikeeee, Krissy misses Dane! Hahaha, I'm so grade school! :)

    Wow, your weekend was very well-spent huh? Nothing beats reuniting with good, old friends. And I wanna see how skinny you were in high school. I need inspiration, especially now that summer's fast approaching! :)

    I'm too excited about our get-together as well. Will blog about it really, really soon! Just text me if you need anything, k? :)

  7. @ russ: Winner di ba? :D

    @ Meg: You should! :)

    @ Kym and Ejannz: If only it's possible to send some your way!
    He reads it when I ask him to, but there was one time I saw him reading it without me telling him to do so :D

    @ Pop Champagne: Really? There's a case study about it? That's awesome :D Yeah, whatever branch of Jollibee you go to, it's always full! It might be a great idea to own a franchise :D

    @ Jessica: Gah I really wish all our blogfriends can come! :)


  8. It's great we can relive fun experiences or make up for what we missed thanks to the next generation going through those things! The crown made me smile. =)

  9. @ Rick: Thank you, I'm glad it did :)


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