Introducing Make Me Smile Mondays

19 January 2010

I admit, I am one of those people who tend to worry over the littlest things. I can be carefree sometimes and attempt to throw caution to the wind, but at the back of my mind I still feel anxious about the last, smallest details.

I'd like to think this is cancelled out by my innate ability to be happy over the smallest things. It can be an SMS from a friend, sharing funny anecdotes about my baby cousin Jerico to my family, hearing something via Facebook from a person I haven't spoken to in a while, applying color on my nails, or sharing a laugh with my friends. It does not take much to make me happy and I have always had a positive and cheery outlook.

Don't these cupcakes look adorably delicious? Sweetly beckoning and charmingly cute!
Image from Tumblr

I know that most people dread Mondays as the day signals the end of the weekend and heralds another start of school- or work-week. There's a reason why the descriptive phrase Monday Blues was invented :D And as much I want to show my unity with all of you who dread Mondays, I actually love Mondays as it means the end of my workweek. That is because I am a loser and my rest days are every Tuesday and Wednesday. Not convenient for when I want to go to get together with my friends who all have Saturdays and Sundays free but I guess I have to make do with what I have. (I am keeping my fingers crossed to have my rest days changed, though!) Until my schedule is changed, your Mondays are like my Fridays. :D

Let's change the topic a bit. I want to acknowledge how other cool blogs I am a fan of have these "serial" posts. Andhari has her Sunday Love List, Shirley the Toothfairy has her A Piece of Me (which I am a part of btw!), LiLu has TMI Thursdays (which I have never been a part of yet), and only recently Nikolett came up with Therapeutic Thursdays. Aside from becoming a fixture in the blog that regular readers can look forward to, these serials are a fun way to show a blog owner's commitment to her blog.

On that note, I would like to introduce Make Me Smile Mondays. Seeing as how Mondays make me happy and some of you not that happy, then I figured there must be a way  to spread a little bit of pink positivity to you all. It could be something I did, a movie, a book, or a  new pair  of shoes. Anything at all so long as they made me smile, and I am hoping they will make you smile (or a bit uplifted at least), too. And since it's the beginning of another productive work for you, then I guess it will not hurt to wish you all a little luck bundled  with kisses and wishes.

Such a shame that it's already Tuesday so I was not able to begin this challenge yesterday. Can't wait for next  week's first one! :)


  1. what a great series!

    actually i have to agree with the saying that the simple things are those that makes me smile. I already have laugh lines but i don't care if i have it. It only goes to show how often i smile & i love a good laugh.

    smiling is the best way to make a person look pretty,diba?

  2. I love the idea of Make Me Smile Mondays! And cupcakes are definitely a great way to make people smile! Or at least this dude...

  3. awww this is nice! i realized that the smallest things can build up you know? but anyway.. you should write down the highlights of your day !

  4. I think I would enjoy being off Tuesday and Wednesday. Are stores less crowded???

    I'm smiling!

  5. @ Thiamere: It definitely is! :)

    @ That Kind of Girl: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it, I'm excited to start actually :D

    @ Ejannz: I would definitely try to! :)

    @ Abby: Thank you! I would love for you guys to share, too! :)

    @ Rick: Yup, they definitely are! :)

  6. Yeah! These weekly blog thingies are fun. Though I wanna join a lot, I have to limit it so that I can fully participate and post something of quality :)

  7. this is such a sweet feature idea! makes me smile :)

  8. gahhhh it also reminds me that i've been neglecting my feature for ages >_< ooppssss

  9. @ Russ: That is my rule-for-myself as well when it comes to these serials. Since I was able to complete a 30-Day Blog Challenge, this shouldn't be too hard :)

    @ Manju: Thank you Manju. :) Oh I didn't know you have one! Must've been before I started following you. I need to check out your blog for that! :)

  10. Aww, I think this is an amazing day. I have my 'simple smiles' on Mondays too, though it's usually a little tidbit. I can't wait to smile everytime I come to your blog on Mondays (even though I do every day I visit, teehee).


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