How I found the perfect pair of shoes, and then some.

06 January 2010

So I told you here that we will be having our Holiday Party this coming Saturday, right? I told you how I have found the perfect dress to wear way back in September, long before the party was scheduled. I also told you how I already have all of the accessories I would be needing, except for the perfect pair of shoes (and a purse, if my budget allows it).

I have scoured the malls already in the hopes of scoring a good find from the numerous Holiday Sales hounding shoppers these days but surrendered empty-handed. But not really since I found a pretty ring and a pair of fishnet stockings from YRYS. I would be wearing them at the party as well but I scored zilch on the shoe-hunt. The best solution I came up with? 168 Mall in Divisoria! Boasting a wide selection of goodies (at a much cheaper price!), 168 Mall is the perfect place to go to. It's a treasure trove of fab finds at amazingly low prices, you just have to know where to look. (Fact: Some online sellers even get the stuff they sell  from 168 Mall and then sell them online for double the price.) I love 168! I may well be called Krissy in Wonderland when I am there. :D

Okay, so that long introductory speech is just to tell you that I found them already! Yay!

After just a couple of hours (and a whole lotta haggling by my Mom), I got the perfect pair of shoes, and then some.

Want another reason why 168 Mall is one of my personal Wonderlands? All of these goodies set me back for ONLY P960! (That's less than $20!!)

I got a pair of black suede pumps. Simple and no frills. Perfect. I also love its heel height. I have been wearing flats to the office these past few months that my feet are no  longer used to wearing heels. I must get around to wearing my heels again. Must.

I also finally got myself a chainlink bag. I wanted one in black but this is the only one they have left. There were other designs there but I did not choose them because of the very blatant logos. I don't want anything that screams knock off :D I especially like this because of its long strap and perfect size. I might not use it to the party though. I need to see first whether it will go well with my dress. Ü

The other two items I got are embroidered headbands. They were unplanned purchases  but who can resist, right? I think I will wear the bejeweled one to the party. The one with the black rosette and gold trimmings I can wear during regular days. Love! Ü

Sorry for the messy hair :D

I also got a pearl layered necklace but I will not wear it anymore seeing as how there's too much detail in my headpiece already.

As I said, I am not a big fan of night outs. I am just excited for the party because it is another excuse for me to glam up and put together an outfit that I would not wear on a regular day. (Oh if only we can wear corsets to the office, that would be too awesome! :D)


  1. o my gawd.. I've been wanting a chainbag like that.. where did you get it??

  2. hi krissy :) hindi pa ko nakakapunta sa 168. ever. parang ang dami nga na good finds! love your bag! ok lang na hindi black cause the purple one is nice too <3

  3. Hey sweetie. That a lot of great finds. We also have 168 here in Davao. It opened early last year. And you are right, a lot of online sellers do resell stuff from 168. It's a great bargain, a lot of good stuff at a very affordable price. =)

  4. wheeeee chainbags are <33
    i cant wait to see pictures of the complete get-up. you're gonna l0ok so so fab!

  5. I LOVE the suede black heels! <3 hahaha

    and the purple bag (another <3) haha...

  6. i love that bag where did you get it?

  7. love the chain link bag girl! I want one!

  8. i love your headbands, they are so pretty!

  9. BOOOO! I dont want to hear about how all that was for less than $20! $20 here is like mediocre meal! hahaha! ;P i'm sure you'll look great, take lotsa pics!

  10. i'm always too messy to wear suede stuff. i prefer shiny patent shoes. but i never fail to adore those who are not messy enough to wear suede :p i seriously don't know what i'm rambling about... and therefore, i cant wait to see the full outfit!

  11. Awwwww I love those headbands Krissy! Did you get them at 168 too? They are gorgeous.

  12. We have a 168 here, too, and yes it's wonderful. :D Congrats on the fab finds! Oh yeah, I'm glad the apron finally arrived. Happy cooking/washing/playing 60's housewife. Hehe

  13. i love the headbands! :)
    how much? can i know? can i? can i? haha kulets..
    never heard about 168 mall na tinutukoy moh. but here in angeles, may 268 shopping mall^^ mura lang din dun :)

  14. I so know what you mean! Chain link bags are risky! A lot of them scream Chanel knock offs but the one you purchased look so good :)

    And I like your headbands, we should go shopping together, girlie!

  15. $20.00??? Wow! The shoes should cost more than that. =)

  16. I usually go to 168 during holidays. And each time I go there, I am always overwhelmed of fab things scattered everywhere that I end up confused which one should I pick. Do you have a particular store you regularly visit? Please share :)

  17. @ Gracie and Dressup Games: Thanks! I got everything from 168 Mall in Divisoria :)

    @ Cha: You've never been there? You should go! We can go shopping together! :D

    @ Mel: Wow, you have 168 Mall there too! Great! :)

    @ Manju: Weeeeeeh thanks! It's tomorrow and I'm super excited! :D

    @ Tiara: Thanks, they are really so pretty! :)

    @ Kay: You should def get one! :)

    @ Amynaree: Thank you :)

    @ Kym: Haha it's awesome right? Thanks! :D

    @ Arlizan: Me likey patent leather, too! :)

    @ Leah: Yup! I got them there as well :) Thank you! :)

    @ Joan: I would like to but I'm a bit sleepy, I need my beauty rest for tomorrow's party LOL!

    @ Meream: Oh thank you so much! I love it! Will blog about it soon, I'm just waiting for something ;)

    @ Edxaii: Really? Wow :D I got them for only P250 for the two headbands :)

    @ Andhari: We definitely should! :)

    @ Rick: I know! Awesome right? :D

    @ iamnoone: I like Juana for tailored dresses, but no other specifics. I just wander through the halls and look around 'til I see something that I like :)

  18. 168 FTW! Haha :D



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