A Piece of Me... in January 2010

03 January 2010

This month...

I like: that we will have our Holiday Party on the 9th! I know it's already pretty late. HSBC has always been this way and I don't know why x_x On my first year of working here, Discovolution was held on January 20. Planet Groove was held on November 28. This year's theme is Party Central. :)

I don't like: that I haven't found the perfect shoes yet. I scoured the mall yesterday but was not successful. I bought my dress way back in September, long before the party was scheduled. I saw it in the mall and just fell in love. Now I am just looking for the perfect shoes (and a purse, if my budget allows it) and I am all set.

I want you to know: that I am not a big fan of night outs. The main reason why I am excited for the Holiday Party is that it gives me an excuse to go on shopping trips looking for the perfect outfit! It is only one time of the year when I can see my officemates glam up. :D

I've planned: the perfect outfit already. See that rose ring? I will wear that to the party. And just between you and me, I will wear fishnet stockings. I just need to look for the perfect pair of pumps!

I want to say to someone special: that I would really appreciate it if you can come to the party and be my date. :)

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  1. Aww dear! that's sweet! Haha, the ring I mean, well, that's huge, kind of one I won't use in near time yet, just because, lol.

    and fishnet???? yayayayyayayay... sexy krissy is on the way? huh? huh? ;D

    and love the last line, the one about well... you know what it's about, haha... date and all :P goodluck! I hope he will accompany you there, that'll be perfect then! Ha!

  2. I like your ring! and there's nothing wrong with a late holidays party, in keeps you in the holiday mood for a little while longer!


  3. @ Tiara: Yes, I know the ring might be a little too big but methinks it's part of its charm :D And yep, I am definitely wearing fishnets! I am so excited LOL! And he also told me earlier today that he will go to the party! Yay! :)

    @ Rej: I got it in YRYS for only 100php! :D

    @ Toothfairy: That's a different but better way of looking at it! Thanks! :)

  4. Awww, parties! I love night-outs, so I guess we're different in that regard. Have fun on the day of your party! Sometimes, I also experience trouble finding the right pair of shoes, but I know I can always rely on Aldo or Nine West. Try it, may be a little costly, but I just tell myself that shoes are a good investment! :)

  5. Thanks Jess! Yep, I also justify my purchases by saying they are investments. :) But really, shoes are indeed investments. 4 days to go, and I still haven't found the perfect pair yet x_x


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