Krissy's gotta be

03 January 2010

As I said in a previous post, there's just something about the New Year that makes me all giddy and excited. Maybe it's because of the prospect of starting with a clean slate or the promise of new possibilities and experiences. With it also come new chances to be better versions of ourselves.

And because I love life and would like to seize every opportunity to show my appreciation for every moment I am given, I really do want to become a better version of myself. For this post I would like to write about my Must Do’s. This list was actually inspired by the song You Gotta Be by Des'ree which was released in 1994 but re-released in 1998. If you don't know the song, click here. :)

This year (and the years thereafter), I want to strive to be a better ME, so here are the things I GOTTA BE:

I don't mean bad as in rob-banks-and-kill-people bad, but bad in the sense that I wish I am more assertive. I’ll share a secret. I really have a problem with saying No to other people that sometimes I end up doing things that I did not want to do in the first place. Most basic example? I bought too many things I know I don't need just because I did not want to make the sales ladies sad. I look around, and I can feel these stuff staring at me now, mocking me. I have also been inconvenienced one too many times, just because I could not voice out my concern. Worse, some situations have even put me in a bad light, all because I did not have the balls to speak up and say an idea in question does not sound too good. Being less selfless sometimes is not tantamount to being selfish, right? If I am more assertive, then I cannot be forced to do things I do not want, or be forced into buying stuff I do not need just because I do not want to break the sales assistants’ hearts.

I am hoping that this year is the year I finally have the courage to get out of my comfort zone and rock the boat. I have been concealing my dreams for quite a while *ehem*almostthreeyears*ehem now, just because I am too afraid to say goodbye to my job and my friends at the office. I know that even if we make all sorts of promises to keep in touch and all that, Life will happen, we will all venture into separate paths (if not me, someone else is bound to say buh-bye to the team and resign first), and time will come that we will all be too busy for each other. I am scared of that, but I guess I just have to accept that it’s the sad reality. So, while time is at my side, I should let go of my irrational fears and go after what I really want. After all, I wouldn’t know what will happen unless I try, right?

I have made different kinds of decisions, all of which have brought me to where I am now. Granted that yes, I am happy, there are still some decisions I am not really proud of. Some may be as simple as deciding whether I will watch How I Met Your Mother or Glee, or as complex as deciding what industry to work for once I let go of my current job. The thing is, I have decided that 2010 is going to be a milestone year for me and someday I want to look back on this year as the one where I made the most important decisions that shaped the rest of my life and made it a whole lot better, so, I gotta be wiser in weighing choices and options.

This is somewhat related to the above (Wiser) description. Once I have made my (hopefully, wise) decision, I gotta stick to my guns and not be a sissy. This is also the perfect time for me to be a little bit harder on myself over my spending habits. Yes, life is short and we should enjoy it while we can, but a little savings wouldn't go amiss for other important wants, like travel. :)

It is no secret that I am a big crybaby. It’s understandable to cry after a fight with someone, but in my case it does not take something as big as a fight to make me cry. I easily cry at the simplest things! I cry when I read letters from my friends from our high school days, I cry whenever I watch my favorite movies even though I have seen them too many times and I already know how the story ends (I even anticipate my favorite lines), I cry at cheesy commercials, I cry at everything! This is a secret, but I even cry sometimes when I hear the song Let Love Lead the Way by the Spice Girls! Anyway, I gotta toughen up and stop crying at the littlest things! Seeing a 19 23 years young lady crying because of something mundane is not cute. It’s annoying.

And by stronger I mean healthier. This is too embarrassing, but I must admit something. I weigh a puny 86lbs, so thin that a strong gust of wind might even be able to knock me away. Aside from that, I am easily tired and seem to not always have enough energy. That’s when I decided to utilize one of the benefits given to us by HSBC, and that is to hit the gym at the office (such a shame I cannot post any pictures as we are not allowed to, the gym is awesome) after work every Friday and Sunday. A weight gain program would be nice, and who would complain of toned arms and legs? Anyway, as I am the un-sportiest person I know, I also do not have the necessary work-out clothes. The solution? I am buying jogging pants and racerback tops (even though I cannot, for the life of me, imagine how I can pull them off :D)

We all have different standards of coolness; what may be cool for me may be too dorky and lame for other people. For me, you are cool if you love books, ultra-cool if you love movies too. Super ultra-cool if you love books and movies, and sprinkle a bit of trivia and fun facts as well. This year, I aim to be cool (at least in my standards) by reading my books I haven't read yet and watch DVDs in my collection that I haven't  seen yet.. My backlog of books to read has accumulated and I want to be able to read them first before I buy new ones again. I should keep in mind that I bought them because I want to read/ watch them, and not because my shelves look pretty with them. :D

I can be a little bit too paranoid and a bit of a drama queen. Trust me, I don’t like being stressed out and sick with worry about something I shouldn't even be worrying about in the first place. I wish I am a little bit more calm and collected and not worry about the littlest things.

2009 has been awesome, and I want 2010 to be awesome-r. This time next year, I want to be able to look back and smile for I have accomplished everything in my Must Do’s. I am so excited at the prospect of being a better myself! Want to share the ride with me? I am looking forward to sharing more memories with you. :)


  1. Glad that you have this list... you are more focused than I am when I was your age. But you know what, don't worry too much... look at me, I did well without stressing myself with "I have to do this or that"... things will fall into place, it's what you call destiny. Just live each day and do your best TODAY.

  2. I'm sure you can do these all! :) I've always been afraid of changes but the latter part of '09 proved me wrong. Changes are always, always good and I'm sure you'll rock it.


  3. Hey Krissy. Good luck with your list. I think I need to work on a couple of those that you mentioned as well. Good luck to us. Happy New Year sweetie. =)

  4. good luck krissy, i hope i can also change, like willie says we should change no more fights and negativity haha

    i do hope i will and yeah i want to be stronger and also i want to lose weight.

  5. I bought too many things I know I don't need just because I did not want to make the sales ladies sad. --> Seriously? Haha you're so silly. Happy new year!

    (Hope the apron arrives soon :()

  6. I, too, ned to be badder, I need to learn how to say "no" to people and all, and be bolder too, geez (although I think I'm pretty much of a bold person already, haha!), and wiser for sure, I can never even get too serious! :|

    okay, basically I can connect to all stuffs you write on your list, we need to be cool together, mwahaha ;)

  7. I love that song! hahaha... I definitely gotta be tougher this time round, too. Cheers to us in the new year!

    PS; got your card! THANKS!

  8. @ Leah: Thank you Leah, I will definitely remember that :)

    @ Teeyah: I guess I am at the stage of my life when I am really excited about change. Thank you :)

    @ Mel: Thank you! Happy New Year Mel! :)

    @ Annie Marie: Cheers to Must Do's! :D

    @ Meream: Seriously. Haha! My officemate texted me earlier that the package arrived today! It's my off for the next two days so I will get it from her on Thursday. I'm so excited, THANKS! :D

    @ Nashe^: You're welcome! I'm so happy you got it already! :D

  9. great list, krissy! that's a real nice way to start the new year, with a fresh attitude! :)

    happy new year! :)

  10. I like your list, and I need to be more bad and harder as well!


  11. such an amazingly creative post sweetie.. u should def pursue writing.. :)

    when i think about it, this is song just sums up what we have to be, to be better.. you just made it even more inspiring..:)

  12. @ Mia: Thank you! I really hope the positive energy stays throughout the year! :D

    @ Toothfairy: Thank you! Cheers to a badder and bolder attitude! :D

    @ Kay: Aww thank you, that's too sweet! :)

  13. great list!
    in case you dont meet all of these goals, dont fret. someone said that the key to happiness is lowered expectations. ^^
    have a rockin 2010!

  14. @ Manik_reigun: Very well said, thank you :) Happy new year! :)


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