This is how I worked HSBC's Party Central.

10 January 2010

The day I have been anticipating for the last couple of months had come and gone. Last night was HSBC's Holiday Party at the World Trade Center with the theme Party Central.

And this is the outfit I have spent serious time (and money) putting together.

As what my friend Ed says, "Work it!"

I had so much fun putting the whole outfit together, and it's worth it. Me thinks it's my favorite among all the outfits I have worn in the three Holiday Parties of HSBC that I have attended.

After work, I went home to the apartment for a quick shower and to curl my hair. And then I went to Mich's house where I changed into my outfit and put my makeup on. Yep, I did my nails, hair and makeup. Surely beats going to the salon. Aside from saving, I styled myself the way I wanted to. :)

at Mich's house

We met with Dane and TL Jimmy at the office, and off we went to World Trade Center.

What followed were performances by the different departments (and managers), yummy yummy food, a raffle of fancy gadgets, a performance by local band Sandwich, good times, and LOTS of photos by my friend and teammate Frank. :)

me, Asther, Mich

me, Dane, Ali, Asther, Frank

notice my eyeglasses in my right hand :D

my date for the evening, Dane :)

Sandwich :)

Because I am a loser and I have work the next day (which was today), Dane and I left halfway through Sandwich's performance so I can sleep. I didn't really want to leave but he was persistent. We left WTC at 12:12am and I was tucked safely in bed by 1:30am. Then I woke up at 4:30am and went to work for my 6am - 3pm job. :)

The performers and the emcees (especially Sam Oh) did a good job and the prizes for the raffle were great. However, I still prefer the parties we had before. Last night's event was a bit more, umm, low key in that there were no red carpet entrance (this girl likes her red carpet photos LOL), photobooths, nor souvenirs. Still, I'd say the night has been awesome and magical. I had a blast last night, and I would certainly remember it for a long, long time.

And I just want to say this. Others might say (and believe me, I have heard a couple of people do) that I am just wasting my time, effort and money on frivolous things like this. But hey, I am not harming anyone. And I am spending my own money and time and I am not inconveniencing anyone else in the process. I just want to look pretty and fabulous and I am happy dressing up. If you don't want to dress up, that's fine. To each his own, so please let me be. :)


  1. I love how you did your hair! The whole outfit, too, of course. :)

    And yes, don't listen to those who think that buying pretty things and dressing up are pointless. They are missing a lot. Hahaha

  2. i luv dressing up! :) it's frivolous things like this that put fun and giddiness in our lives ;)

    great outfit, luv d hair especially!

  3. looking great sis as always! :)
    and yup, dressing up is an art--:D ;) some people spend on paints and canvasses, or films and plastic cameras and lenses, ... putting together a whole "look" is the same ;)

  4. OMG Krissy you looked super fab!!! All the investment paid off. You definitely worked it :)

  5. You looked absolutely great! I especially loved the fishnet stockings. ;)

  6. WOOOOOH! look at you hot mama! i love everything about your outfit from the stockings to the purse to the dress to the ring! love it all! :) Hey it IS fun to dress up! How come your co-workers didn't go dressed up too?! :(

  7. It's a once a year party, that's a great reason to dress up (it's not a bar-b-q)!!! You looked great. Don't listen to the negative nellies!

  8. You look gorgeous! and I love that you put effort in it... why not!! and the glasses thing, I did that as a kid too, before the contacts :P

    but you should get contacts though, you look great on the pics!


  9. you look stunning girl! dressing up is so much fun! i bet people were eying on you ! ;]

    and all your hard work on putting the outfit together really paid off! gahhh! im jealous of the whole outfit... but thing is i can't pull off looking pretty in stockings! LOL!

    also, i know this is a bit too much to
    ask for, but i recently changed my
    url from to and i was
    wondering if you can give me a favor
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    again with that url. it's one of the
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    thank you so much :]

    loves, abby

  10. i saw those pics on your facebook hehe!you look absolutely gorgeous! and just ignore those negative losers

  11. oh look! You're sooo preeetty <3 I especially love your hair do and the dress, and the fishnet is a killer! Hahaha xD

    looks like you had a fun fun fun night eh? :D good for you!

    ps. your job looks so fun, haha

  12. love your outfit! you look fabulous :)

  13. love the outfit sister!! :)
    don't mind those people. what matters is that you're having fun doing what you're doing! :)
    there's nothing wrong with that!!

    i tagged you and i also have an award for you pretty! pick it up on my blog :)

  14. Looks like you had a fun, fun night. Sucks that you had to leave early..Damn work, always gets in the way of fun!

  15. never bother what other people say - as long as you're not harming anyone and enjoying yourself - go ahead! you look great! =D

  16. You look fab! Kudos to you for not minding people who doesn't like dressing up. It's their loss. It's so much fun being a girl, don't you think? =)

  17. Thanks so much everyone! You make my pink, glittering heart giddy :)

  18. fishnet stockings? SEXY, SEXY :D

    Sounds like a great night!

  19. awesome outfit sis! esp the dress.. totally worth the hunt.. :)

    ignore those negative people.. they are just jealous coz u have style.. :)

    i actually share your posts to my officemates about reasons to dress up.. :)

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  21. OMG, Krissy, please please delete my first post. I hit the send button too quickly. Here's my comment:

    Nothing raises my hackles than to have other people tell you what you can or can't do. The best way to deal with this is to ignore them. Only you can live your life the way you want it to.

    As long as you have your emergency funds, you have to enjoy the fruits of your labors, too. I don't advocate stinginess, only sound personal finance management.

    I so love the dress and the fishnet stockings, dear krissy! I'm so glad you enjoyed your evening.

    Btw, we received your Christmas card. It brought a smile to my daughter's face since she also has a pink pet. Kisses from my daughters and me! Thank you so much for the stamps! My daughter calls you "Ate Krissy" now. She reads your blog, too.

  22. @ Meream: Thank you :) Regarding those negative people, I just don't mind them. I just live my fabulous life the way I know how :D

    @ Mia: Thank you! Now I really wanna go through with having a digiperm :D

    @ Anagon: Ooh, I love that! Thanks! :)

    @ Rej: Thanks! :)

    @ Nina: Thank you! I wish I can wear fishnet stockings everyday haha!

    @ Kym: Thank you! Haha it's easy to see that I was the most excited in dressing up :D

    @ Rick: Absolutely! Thanks! :D

    @ Toothfairy: Yep, I am definitely saving up for them :)

    @ Abby: Thank you! It was my first time to wear stockings, I was a bit afraid at first, but no regrets :D And yep I followed you again, thanks for the heads up! :)

    @ Manju: Thank you! :)

  23. @ Tiara: Thank you! HSBC is the best place to work when it comes to parties and events like this :D

    @ Amynaree: Thank you! :)

    @ Cha: Aww thank you! I will be heading over to your blog after responding to comments :)

    @ Jessica: Hear, hear! Work is a detriment to our social lives :D

    @ Mahryska: Thank you! :)

    @ Teeyah: Being a girl is so much fun! I would never want to trade places with a boy :D

    @ Andhari: It was! Thanks! :)

    @ Kay: Thank you! Aww Kay, you're so sweet, thanks! :)

    @ Miss Guimba: Thank you, thank you! I am glad you received it na. :)

  24. you looked awesome. the fishnets were a nice touch.

    and I love your hair! ^^

  25. wow nice outfit :) it reminded me of Becky's dress sometime in the shopaholic movie :)
    am now following your blog :)

  26. HOTTIE! With a body ;) You look so amazing, and I think it's awesome that you did it all yourself instead of hitting up the salon! And I think if you're not harming anyone, you're more than allowed to do what you like with your moola! I love dressing up too, I just wish I had more chances to do it :)

  27. @ Jackie: Thank you! :)

    @ Superchuboink: Oh yeah I remember that! Wow, thanks! :)

    @ Nikolett: Thank you! Oh I'm sure after you graduate you'll have lots of reasons to dress up more! :)

  28. Exquisite outfit! I'm especially diggin' the jeweled headband! (Is that what it is? A little hard to see in the photos, but it really pops!)

  29. Thank you That Kind of Girl! Yes, it is a jeweled headband :)


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