The Art of Avatar

18 January 2010

After weeks of waiting for a chance, I have been finally able to see Avatar! My friend/ officemate Mich and I went to SM North EDSA - The Block after work last Friday and watched it in 3D. And oh boy, am I glad I did!

This is one movie you would not want to miss

James Cameron is legendary. Literally! It's a shame that I was not able to see Titanic in the big screen. (I was still in 4th grade when Titanic was shown and I was not yet a big fan of movies then. I remember my whole family watching it on VHS though. It was a bonding moment for us.) I respect Mr. Cameron so much for trying to outdo the standards Titanic has set.

Year 2154. Jake Sully is a former marine who replaces his brother to a mission on Pandora to mine unobtanium. He was tasked to get the trust of the Na'vi tribe so he can ask them to leave the mineral's  bountiful reserve. To do this, he must blend with them, so he  is mentally linked to an avatar that looks just like the Na'vi. As he spends more time with the tribe, he begins to be closer to them and see Pandora through their eyes, a place where balance and biodiversity must be restored. To make things a bit more complicated, he falls in love with a female Na'vi, Neytiri. What follows is a moral tug of war between Jake's heart and what he has sworn to do.

The reviews I read were right; it's not just a movie, it's an experience! I was transported to the movie the moment I put on my 3D glasses. It's not hard to believe that there are people seriously getting depressed that they are not able to go to Pandora. I myself would love to visit that paradise (it would be lovely and utterly romantic to take a stroll down a bioluminescent path with your sweet someone, don't you think so?) but I am a discerning moviegoer who knows how to separate fiction from reality.

Yesterday I Wikipedia-d my heart out trying to find out more about the movie and its production process and was even more amazed. Apparently this movie has been 10 years in the making and should have been started since 1999, but Mr. Cameron needed for technology in movie-making to be developed more so it can keep up with his vision for the movie. He was even the one who conceptualized the cameras they used. Talk about dedication! And inventing a whole new language for the Na'vi tribe? That's just wow.

But more than the technological advancements utilized for this film, Avatar has a heart. The story might be a bit predictable to some, but the characters all had backstories that are uniquely their own. Plus points for the actors who did a great job in portraying their roles. A rich emotional experience, if you will. (And I am embarrased to admit it, but it was my first time to see a movie in 3D. Now my whole movie-viewing experience has been ruined as I want to see all future movies in 3D LOL!)

If you can watch just one movie this month, please choose Avatar. It was an honor for me to see this and take part in Mr. Cameron's vision and if I only have the means and funds, I will definitely treat all my friends to see this. :)

PS: James Cameron said he is currently working on the novel version of Avatar. I am definitely including that on my wishlist!

PPS: I have the script of the movie. Message me if you want me to email you a copy. ;)


  1. i watched it & i think it's an ok movie for me. don't get me wrong...i think the effects are good, but i have seen something a bit like that (in lots of movie games) before so i guess i'm not in awed like how i expected.

    good movie but i guess the fact that most people raved about it killed the thrill for me. I was like "uh huh...yeah...then?"...i think me being a video game player made me super hard to be pleased with the effects..

    as for the story....
    it's nice

    but then, i think it's still a great movie.

    i feel like im the only one who isn't awed nga e. i think i should stop playing video games na talaga.

    im glad that your first experience with a 3d cinema is with Avatar.
    You couldn't have chosen better what with the eye-popping effects...

    You're right about wanting to watch all movies in 3d na. It would be a super kind of experience if all theaters are like that,right?

    have a great week,sweetie!

  2. grabe cameron is a genius nga! :)
    good review sis!made me wish i watched avatar in 3D...;p

  3. unobtanium = unobtainable???

    I wasn't going to see the movie, but you changed my mind! =)

  4. haha ricademus! me too!

    Grabe ilang weeks na ako nakaka mall sa moa, pero diko pa rin issip manood. i dont know. siguro kasi last new year, i saw mga nakapila mga little children, kaya i thought its just a movie for children.

    pero ive been seeing a lot of posts about this movie. pannoorin ko na.

  5. wasn't it awesome!??!?!? james cameron is definitely legendary!!! i heard he already had the storyline in 1995 but waited until technology was ready for him. amazing!

  6. I've just seen the movie last saturday, and even though the genre (science fiction) is not my cup of tea, I still loved it. It really is a experience and one to watch. I loved every single detail of the movie. From storyline, to characters, to colors, to design. beautiful!


  7. man!!! i wanna watch it now!!! booo! i had an oppurtunity to watch it but i was so turned off when i found out that it was three hours long!!! :[

  8. i am going to watch it again. ahaha. you made me.

  9. GAH, I'm -SO- jealous! Everytime I want to go see it, it's sold out. I want to wait for the hype to die down so I can see it, but then I'm afraid it'll be out of the theatres by then. I will see it within the next month, I -will-! LOL. Hope you had a great weekend after seeing 'Avatar' :)

  10. everyone has been raving about this movie. maybe i will have to see it although i am not a huge sci-fi fan but maybe its good! happy monday.

  11. So magically I was not at all interested in seeing Avatar, but now I'm dying to!! :)

  12. @ Thiamere: I acknowledge that not everyone thought the movie was that good, thanks for the comment :) Yeah, I hope all cinemas will be in 3D soon. The 3D TVs are coming out, and those are way better than HD TVs! :) Have a fab week! :)

    @ Anagon: I saw the trailers just now, and it made me wish I can see the movie again :D

    @ Rick: That's what I thought as well :D Yay I hope you'll like it! :)

    @ Jing: I hope you'll like it! :)

    @ Kym: Amazing indeed! Sigh, to be one of the people behind this great production would be awesome!

    @ Toothfairy: I'm glad you loved it even though you are not a fan of sci-fi and fantasy! :)

    @ Abby: It's only 2 hours and 40 minutes LOL! Go watch it, you'll love it :)

    @ Ejannz: Yeah, now I want to watch it again :D

    @ Nikolett: Argh I hope you will be able to watch it this weekend already! XD

    @ Mart and Lu: Happy Monday! Yep, this movie is highly recommended :) Thanks for visiting!

    @ Cafe Fashionista: You should def see this. Fact: I would LOVE to watch it again :)

  13. I loved the movie!!! I wasn't going to see it at first but i'm so glad i did! :P

  14. @ Kay: It was really beyond awesome!! Ü

  15. i didnt get to see titanic when it first came out, coz my dad thought it wouldnt do, coz of the steamy scene in it LMAO. bahh anyway, i saw it later and Loved it!
    i'm gonna go see avatar this sunday wheee. i was gonna go earlier, but it got postponed. i'm probably the last person around who still hasnt seen it lol

  16. @ Manju: Now that steamy scene look so tamed as compared to what movies currently have, yes? :D Don't worry Manju, Nikolett hasn't seen it yet as well! And I am also seriously considering watching it again :D


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