Tomorrow could not come fast enough.

08 January 2010

I am overwhelmed by the positive response for the goodies I posted on my post the other day on how I found the perfect shoes (and then some) for my outfit for HSBC's Holiday Party. Thanks guys, it's always nice to feel your style is appreciated :)

I already told you I got all of them for only P960 (less than $20) but I did not get to tell you how each item cost. Let me break it down for you :) The purple quilted chainlink bag I got for P350 (approx $7) down from P380. I got the suede black pumps for P250 (approx $5) down from P280. The bejeweled headband originally cost P200 and the headband with the black rosette with gold trimmings was being sold for P180 but because of the power of my Mom's haggling skills I got both for ONLY P250 (approx $5). Lastly, I got a pearl layered necklace for P110 (approx $2.10) from its original price of P150. Very good deals, right? Aah, the powers and wonder of 168 Mall. I love that place! :D

I actually don't have a favorite store there. I do like Juana and Chelsea for their tailored dresses but for all of the other items I've bought from numerous shopping trips there, I just walk through the halls and look for fab finds. I must admit there are some misses as well, but a trip there can be very rewarding, if you only know how and where to look. ;)

Anyway, as you might already know (from all the posts I've bombarded you with in the past few days haha) our Holiday Party will be held tomorrow at the PICC Tent!

This is most probably the last Holiday Party of HSBC that I will attend (since I have decided to be bolder and intend to pursue my dreams this year) so I want to make sure that everything will be perfect. Today I cleaned my makeup brushes and did my nails in preparation. In my excitement and the amount of preparation I am doing you would think that I am preparing for my wedding and not an office party. I am sorry but as I've said, I am not really a big fan of night outs and parties. I am just excited for this event because I really love dressing up. :)

And so I would like to share with you my outfits in the Holiday Parties that I have attended in the almost three years that I have been with HSBC.

On January 19, 2008, we had Discovolution which was held at the World Trade Center.

January 19, 2008
This was actually inspired by Victoria Beckham. My lavender and gray dress with crystals and metal chains on the neckline was designed and created by young designer Hann Asoy who I met via Multiply. I got the Itti silver strappy sandals from eBay.

On the same year on November 28, we had Planet Groove held at the PICC Tent.

November 28, 2008

This one was Gwyneth Paltrow-inspired during the time she was promoting Iron Man in her short dresses and bondage heels. I got the metallic slate dress (on sale!) from Freeway while my shoes were from Boardwalk.

And just because I like this photo:

I think this is my favorite photo of myself from that night

Tomorrow, January 9 of 2010, Party Central will unfold at the World Trade Center.

I can just feel it. It's going to be awesome! :)

Enjoy your weekend guys! :)


  1. i noticed you cut your hair?

    you look good =)

  2. Wow! I hope you have a great time tomorrow. =)

  3. krissy dear.. i love love love ur outfit in Discovolution.. you look like your gonna go to the MTV awards..

    im sure you're gonna have a blast tomorrow.. :)

  4. hi krissy gurl, you're really a fashionista!.. just saw your dress for the party.. so pretty... c yah.. enjoy...

  5. love the strappy heels. i just love gladiator-like shoes.

    have fantabulous night tomorrow. dont forget photos!! :D

  6. Oh dear! You always look so fab! I love the victoria beckham inspired one, love your hair there <# and the dress, and the purse, practically everything. hahaha... Ah I bet the upcoming will be even more blast! :D

  7. oh my gosh! my mouth drops! gorgeous outfit. i'm quite jealous! ^_^

  8. Seize the night, Krissy!

    It's always best to shop in 168 for gifts. I went there last Christmas and only had 3K in budget, but I was able to buy a lot of gifts for my cousins and aunts already. All in all, I just spent around 2,000! Imagine that!

  9. hotness krissy! :) ur Discovolution is fabbbb! :)

  10. every outfit is so nice krissy :)
    im sure you'll look stunning sa party nyo. don't forget to share some pictures of the party ha hihi :)
    have fun!

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  12. just when i thought reasons to dress up are running out! =D excited for you sis!!! :)

  13. ah! again! im super jealous!

    also, thank you for the comment. i super love glee at the moment and i don't think any other show can beat it.

    i think you don't get updates from me anymore because i changed my url from to i was wondering if you can stop following me and then follow me again :]

  14. @ Jing: Nope, those photos are from two years ago, but thanks :)

    @ Rick: Thanks! The party was last night and I surely did! :D

    @ Kay: Really? Wow thanks so much! :D

    @ Chao: Thanks thanks! :D

    @ Ejanzz: Me too! Gladiator sandals/ heels are fierce :D

    @ Tiara: Thank you! That's my favorite among the two, too :)

    @ Abby: Thank you! Glee is awesome :D Oh now I see, yep, no worries, I followed you again :)

    @ Jessica: Wonderland talaga no? :D

    @ Mia: Thaaanks! :D

    @ Cha: Thanks! I have the photos, will post in a while :D

    @ Anagon: I'll NEVER run out of reasons to dress up :D


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