Cultured and concert date

Hello, we are Ana and Krissy. We've been friends for 10 years now.

Our hobbies include blogging, arts and crafts, reading, getting together at least once a year for our annual catch-up date, and watching reunion concerts. (Eraserheads, Hanson, The Cranberries, Vertical Horizon, and Sugar Ray, among others.) Yesterday, The Moffatts was added to that list.

My Saturdays are usually reserved for my boyfriend but we made separate plans for yesterday because I spent the whole day with Ana. 

First, we spent the afternoon learning Basic Baybayin from Sir Leo Castro of Sanghabi at Craft MNL's studio.

Aside from teaching us how to read and write in Basic Baybayin, he also gave us a crash course on linguistics, world history, and the origins of the alphabet and other forms of writing. He also showed us his prized copies of books written in Baybayin.

Baybayin really looks intimidating especially if you think about how difficult it would be for someone in our age to learn a new language, much less read and write it, but it's actually pretty easy. For one, it only uses 17 symbols, and interpretations of each only change when you add something to the characters.

Sir Leo gave us some exercises to test what we have learned and I'm so happy because I got the hang of it quickly enough.

This is my name in Baybayin:

Our language is so beautiful and our history so colorful, and I'm thankful for people like Sir Leo and organizations like Sanghabi for working hard to make sure our local heritage is kept alive and not forgotten.

I love attending workshops (I learned how to carve stamps in a Craft MNL workshop at their old studio) and I'm so glad I got to go to another one again. I'm such a big nerd so the prospect of learning something new tickles me, what more if that experience is shared with a good friend.

Making new friends on top of that is just a bonus. This is Belle, and she's studying to become a preschool teacher.

After the class, Ana and I braved the EDSA traffic to go to Araneta Coliseum for The Moffatts' Farewell Tour!

I was such a fan when I was in sixth grade until my highschool freshman year but when I first heard about them having a concert I was all "meh" about it. It wasn't until Thursday night when I asked Ana if there's any chance she would like to watch after our class and she said yes that I felt giddy about it! I listened to their old songs on Spotify during my commute and, well, even though I still know the lyrics by heart, their songs felt a little bit "too young" for me.

Judging from the Hanson reunion concert we weren't expecting too many people to come to the show but whoah, Araneta was full! Good on ya, boys! Seriously, the concert felt like a reunion of the kids who grew up watching MTV! It was amazing.

It didn't actually feel like a reunion concert seeing as how only 10 out of the 22 songs they played are from the old albums but oh man, I felt like a high school girl all over again.

I got home past midnight tired and sleepy but with spirits high from our cultured and concert date. Loved, loved, loved this day. Thanks, Ana! 'Til our next!

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