Achievement unlocked: Watercolor

27 September 2014

Typhoon Mario pushed my plans in that I missed an event I was so excited about, but I guess I'm still lucky because apart from being stranded in Makati on the day that it hit Manila, it was the only inconvenience it caused me. We had two big events for work this week (Toni&Guy Hair Trunk Show in Todd English Food Hall and the launch of the newly renovated Forever 21 store in SM Megamall) and I thought there was nothing I wanted more but to curl up in my room and recharge all weekend, but the call of learning something new was stronger.

My sister and I woke up early and went to Makati for Liz's Watercolor Workshop.

Paseo de Roxas
Liz is one of my favorite beauty bloggers because her reviews are all so thorough and credible and her writing, impeccable. Lately, I've been trawling her Instagram more frequently because she's been sharing her artworks and they're all so beautiful! She gave us a quick watercolor workshop at the 30th Anniversary Party for Burt's Bees but I wasn't able to create anything remotely good. However, I knew it's an art form I really wanted to get my hands on even though I cannot even draw to save my life. When she posted about holding a Watercolor Workshop on her blog, I considered joining but hesitated. Liz must have "felt" it, because she personally invited me to join. Since my sister is more artsy than I am, I decided to enroll her instead and just come and be a silent witness on the day.

The workshop was held in Commune, an artisan café located in Valero Street corner HV Dela Costa Street. My carpool-mates and I pass by the café every day on our way to work but I've never been inside, so it was another new experience for me. We were told by the waiter that workshops are held there regularly, and true enough there was a session scheduled right after ours. I also saw a poster advertising Improv Thursdays.

Coffee and colors
I loved my Cafe Mocha
I went as a silent witness but Liz gave me my own set of papers and asked me to share my sister's watercolor tubes, brushes, and palette. Eep!
Photo grabbed from Liz
It was a small group of students all excited to learn and the mood was very relaxed. After a quick introduction of the practice, materials, and techniques, we all set to work.

My practice sheet of the different types of washes
I told you I was not expecting to be good at this so I won't even show you my painting of a red maple leaf that looked disastrous, heh. Three hours breezed by and before we knew it, it was almost time to go. For our final activity for the day, Liz taught us to paint the sunset. I really loved this watercolor painting she made so I was thrilled that we could learn how to make our own.

I used too much color on the sea and my clouds need more work, but I LOVED that sky gradient!
My sister and I had a great time, Liz! Thank you so much!!
Photo grabbed from Liz
When Kyla and I got home, we couldn't shake the art bug off just yet so out came the watercolor tubes and brushes again...

With only one theme in mind, I looked for a peg online (because I cannot possibly paint from just using my imagination yet).

Sketch sketch sketch
Using the techniques I learned from Liz (wet wash and splatter, specifically), I came up with this:

OF COURSE I had to make a How I Met Your Mother-inspired artwork!
I wish I already knew how to make this before my party!
This was inspired by this artwork by Polly Birchall.
The curb on the right looks wrong and the yellow umbrella is far from perfect but I COULDN'T BE MORE PROUD OF MYSELF! I am going to frame this! 

Thanks for sharing your tips and techniques to us, Liz! I'm hoping to practice more and come up with more decent watercolor paintings. I am so glad I got out of bed early for this. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 


  1. So happy when people discover new hobbies. Post mo mga works mo :)

  2. I will! Thanks, twinnie! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

  3. Sad that I couldn't come :( I read in Liz's post that there will be another one in October.

    HIMYM!!! I'm still in withdrawal :( Esp now that it's tv series-season again and there's no more Barny, Ted, Robin, Lily, and Marshall.

  4. Hi Krissy! Too bad, I didn't say Hi personally, but I hope to meet you again.

    Your painting is pretty! I don't even know if I can do that! :)

  5. I was expecting to see you nga kasi I saw your name in the email eh! :D

    I knoooow! I miss the MacLaren's gang. :(


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