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19 December 2017

I've always wanted to learn how to make my own clothes but I never got the chance. I only know how to sew by hand; sewing machines have always intimidated me. Some of my fondest memories as a child include visiting my Grandma's favorite seamstress, going through her magazines and helping my Grandma choose clothes to have made, and get mesmerized while watching her and her big, bulky, and manual sewing machine at work. 

Because I want to keep chasing after things that I know will make me happy, I fulfilled one of my Christmas wishes and got myself a sewing machine. Thanks to the Lazada sale, I got a Sew Simple sewing machine for only Php 999.

Considering the price and the fact that this is a beginner machine I was quite happy with the reviews I read. Note that I don't have a single idea on how to make sewing machines work. I intended to get it while it was on sale and just learn my way through it. I acknowledge that I might be being overconfident but I'm crossing my fingers that this machine won't go to waste.

Yesterday, after J's birthday lunch, we passed by Fabric Warehouse to shop for fabrics. One of the sales assistants was not too helpful but we lucked out with the other one who said nothing should stop me from getting fabrics I want since my dolls (that I also want to make clothes for) don't have the capability to complain anyway. Heh.

I ended up with half-yard cotton fabrics in blue-green, mint green, lavender, and light pink. No matter what I end up making with them, at least the colors complement one another. 

Next time, when I already know how to use my sewing machine, I'll get stretchy and sheer fabrics in yummy colors.

I'm also feeling a little confident because you can learn almost anything online nowadays. The interwebs is a treasure trove of tutorials, free patterns for clothes for myself and my dolls, and tips and tricks I wouldn't have known otherwise! Chelsea directed me to the withwendy Youtube channel and I AM SO INSPIRED!

Now I want to just stay home and sew.

I just hope this is not another one of my old hobbies I picked up and forgot about. Eep. 

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