Planner Soirée 2.0

29 September 2018

Burned a hole in my wallet all over again. I told you I have the EQ of a pillow!

One of my regrets for this year is not joining planner communities in Facebook early enough to know about the Planner Soirée 2.0 held at the Shangri-La Plaza today. Still, that didn't stop me from trooping all the way there so I could check out the various planner paraphernalia and thingamajigs for sale!

It was a busy day and there were a lot of planner babes like me scurrying from one booth to another so I wasn't able to take as many photos as I wanted. Look at all these pretty, shiny, happy things!

I wish I had more time and money to look around and shop, but I am very happy with the loot I managed to secure for myself.

I came well-prepared with my Avon Fashions x Angel Locsin Everyday Bag (more details about this collection on my next post!) that considerably got heavier as the day wore on, heehee. As always, huge thanks to my boyfriend for supporting me with my many different hobbies and going with me to this [shopping] event!

Let me present to you my loot. Some of these items I ordered in advance from different online stores and then I just opted to pick them up here to save on shipping. ;)

Ephemera, die cut pieces, and paper from The Planner Society that I got from a destash sale
Washi tape samples I got from a destash sale
Elle Oh Elle washi tube and freebies from Plannablers
Pastel stickers and October sticker freebie from Noted Journal PH
City Girl stickers from Rainbow Papeterie
Mermaid shimmery stickers (these are so much prettier in person!)

Washi samplers/ bookmarks
Tried my luck on Love Stationery PH's Lucky Boxes and got these
All in all a super fun experience! Well, fun for me but not so fun for my ATM, LOL. Aside from hoarding pretty stationery, it also feels nice to support local makers and crafters!

Looking forward to Planner Soirée 3.0! I promise I'll be in one of those seats next year!

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