Atom Araullo for Cherifer Premium

19 September 2018

He made his mark as the guy who weathered the most stressful situations—braving violent storms on live television, exploring the planet’s most dangerous places, offering political commentary, even venturing into film. If there’s one thing we know about Atom Araullo, it’s that he rises up to any challenge that comes his way.

I first met Atom in a #romanceclass event two years ago. Before this, he was one of my celebrity crushes (I mean, almost everyone I know from my age group has or had a crush on him) dating back to his 5 and Up stint. Heh. They say you shouldn't meet your idols so that you don't get disappointed, but with all his answers from the Q and A at that event, he totally exceeded my expectations! He is every bit as smart and charming as his TV persona—maybe even more so!

Fast forward to this year, when we actually worked on a project together! He was tapped as the newest endorser of Cherifer Premium, and ooh boy, what a perfect fit!

Because when is a commercial more than a commercial? When the entire shoot turns into a real-life stress test. This was the case in Cherifer Premium's latest ad, where they designed an office warrior obstacle course and challenged Atom to go through ALL the obstacles without the use of stunt doubles.

It took the team about four months to build the 500 square meter set from scratch—a far cry from the usual two to three weeks for most static sets. While they were building the monster set, Atom was busy preparing for his stunts by taking Cherifer Premium and undergoing a crash course in parkour from Robby Apelo, co-owner of The Ninja Academy. On top of learning stunts, he also went hard on leg exercises, bulking up his upper body, and doing plyometric drills.

Atom also shares that apart from the physical challenges, he likes the new commercial’s ambitious set design as well. He said it is a creative depiction of his workplace, with each part reinterpreted as parts of an obstacle course that would test his strength and strategic skills. All the moving parts of the set were operated manually, and extensive tests were conducted repeatedly to ensure that it remained safe yet challenging. Production designer Chet Garcia calls it one of her most demanding projects to date.

As is the case in TVC shoots, he was required to do each stunt several times over, testing his limits. But because he takes Cherifer Premium regularly, he doesn't get tired as easily.

I was at the set and this is steeper and taller than it looks!
I couldn't even reach midway!
To help his body through every preparation stage, Atom takes Cherifer Premium for Adults, the health supplement that provides more than just multivitamins. The three critical ingredients in Cherifer Premium are ginseng for ENERGY, taurine for FOCUS, and Chlorella Growth Factor or CGF that helps provide nucleic acids to promote RECOVERY through the repair of muscle tissue. Together, these ingredients help in keeping him productive through every day. Note: You may have heard of CGF as a key ingredient of Cherifer to help boost children's height. You'll be glad to know that for the case of adults, it helps to boost the body's recovery. Perfect for battling adulting-related stress!

The TV commercial was launched today, and I'm sharing it with you guys because why describe it when I can show it? And also because I, too, believe I need Cherifer Premium for my adulting-related stress.

Of course, I also acknowledge that a balanced meal, respecting my body’s limits, and giving myself enough time to recuperate are also important. I would also like to burn calories the healthy way at My Fit Station and find the time to work out again.

Did you like this TVC? I hope you did! For more information on Cherifer Premium for Adults, check out their Facebook Page. For more information on Atom Araullo, follow him on Twitter and on any or both of his Instagram accounts, if you are not currently following him yet. 

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