My Heidi Swapp Fresh Start Iridescent Personal Planner

01 September 2018

A blink and a whole lot of winks, and it's September. 

I am back to being obsessed about planners thanks to J's super ultra advanced Christmas gift to me: a Heidi Swapp Fresh Start Iridescent Personal Planner

Love at first sight! It’s so pretty I could just stare at it the whole day... which kinda defeats the purpose of having to do lists to tick off.

Seriously though, doesn't it remind you of mermaids and unicorns and fairies?

It is an undated planner so you can actually start using it anytime (yay!) but the tabs on the dividers have the months on them, making it easier for the user to jot down and look for activities depending on which month they happened/ will happen. Since it's the first day of September, I removed the inserts for January to August and kept them for next year.

Let me give you a flip-through.

The planner opens to this transparent dashboard with love your life in gold foil. Ugh it's so pretty. By the way, the design of the inserts depend on what kind of personal planner you have. I almost chose the planner with the black and white stripes on the cover but I liked the inserts of this one better.

Hello sunshine. Hello September. And if you're in the Philippines, hello Christmas season!

The first page after the monthly divider gives a space for to dos and a here's the plan section, kinda an introductory overview of the month ahead. I intend to write monthly goals here.

The next page opens to a quick overview of the whole month. Look at those blank spaces, waiting to be decorated on by my pens and stickers!

This is the weekly view. Undated. So many possibilities! I also love the quotes on each page.

The last page gives a space for monthly highlights. Such a nice and sweet touch! I am excited to use up this planner and look back on the highlights of each month!

There's also a transparent un-sealed pouch that can hold stickers, receipts, or small sheets of paper.

One additional perk of using a ring binder is that you can customize the inserts however you please. With a puncher and scissors (both of which I already got the other day), the possibilities are endless!

By the way, the inside cover pages of this planner have pockets!

And because I'm me and I like things matchy-matchy, I also got a set of Heidi Swapp glossy stickers.


Heidi Swapp can take all my money for all I care, TBH.

This is the other planner that I was considering.
More stickers!
Clear stamps!
This is a hobby that I really hope I stick with because I have already burned through my pockets for all the cute washi tapes, stickers, pens, inserts, sticky notes, clips, and other planner-related thingamajigs that I just had to have.

Some inserts I got from The Craft Central
I was hankering to get a gold foiled washi tape but J convinced me to get this black polka dots on white background instead. Great insight as it's a perfect match to my planner!
This being a gift from le boyfriend is extra incentive for me to pull through with this hobby. I am so excited for all the other stuff I ordered to arrive! After hitting Publish on this blog entry I am off to my crafting table to start decorating. See you when I see you, have a happy September!

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