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Moving up and moving out (again)!

My friends, I am finally doing it: I am moving out (again)!

I actually lived on my own for the most part of my years working in HSBC in UP-Ayala Technohub. Back in 2008 (wow, I just realized that that was 10 years ago!), I rented an apartment with three other officemates, and then only Asther and I remained, and then I had to live with another officemate Marsha for a while, and then I rented a small apartment by myself. Knowing me, I can't believe I lasted living independently that long. My parents and some friends even made a bet that I wouldn't last for six months! I lived on my own for about a year until I resigned from HSBC and moved back to my parents' home.

I wanted to move somewhere near the office but Makati is an expensive city to live in. When I started working there I had to endure being either squished inside the MRT or risk getting mugged inside public utility buses for one whole month, until I found vans that were admittedly a lot more comfortable. Lines are always long though and commuting to and from work takes me three to four hours every day.

I have been doing this for almost six years now.

My lofty dreams when I was a young girl did not include wasting three to four hours of my days battling with public transport.

I was almost at the end of my strings—I was this close to quitting my job and looking for another career option that will let me work from home, until I found out my cousin Rosabel is looking for another housemate! And the best part of this is it's less than two kilometers away from the office so I can walk to and from work!

Hope springs eternal.

My boyfriend went with me to SM Makati last Friday after work so I could get new things for my new temporary home. I got a mattress, sheets, pillows, a blanket, an electric fan, and these plates and bowls and glass in my favorite color scheme. I also got a coffee mug and saucer with hibiscus prints to add contrast.

They're so pretty and I am so excited to use them!

One thing I forgot about living independently though is how expensive it is. Not only did I need to get these stuff, I also need to get storage for my clothes, hangers, and a new set of toiletries. The expenses just keep on piling up and I'm so stressed about budgeting. I just need to remind myself these are growing pains and I'll regain my [financial] footing in a couple of months.

J also drove me to the condo after so we could bring these in preparation for my moving in. It was actually my first time to see it and I think it's a bit small since I'll be sharing with five other girls including my cousin Rosabel. But I guess unless I have enough funds to rent a unit on my own then I can't complain. Heh. Anyway, I won't be staying there long since I'll be in the office for the most part. As with all other things in life, I'll make it work. ;)

I am looking forward to not having to wake up at 4:30 AM to catch my morning ride AND falling in line for more than an hour for a van to get home!

However, I am not looking forward to subsisting in noodles and fast-food so I really need to learn how to cook!

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