Review: Flow Book for Paper Lovers

09 February 2018

The weekend is almost here, my friends, and I am feeling crafty! Adam J. Kurtz's talk from his book signing inspired me so much that I caught the artsy fever again. Now I want to start painting again, or make a handmade book, or sew, or make paper crafts!

Since this blog has become a mish-mash of my hobbies and interests and things I like talking about like books, movies, TV shows, lipsticks, and dolls, among others, let's now talk about stationery.

I took my Flow Book for Paper Lovers from storage so I can do a little show and tell before I actually tear the pages and use them.

I was not aware of the existence of such a product as this until I saw it in Singapore last year. Ronnie's friend brought us to a store that sells art books and I just couldn't let it go despite it being bulky and an unplanned purchase.

Just look how thick it is! The pages are perforated so it's easy to tear them!

The listed price is SGD 39.00 but I think I got it for a lower price because the owner of the store gave us big discounts.

In this edition we’ve aimed to create the sense of being in a retro office; a place where you’d find all sorts of beautiful things in its cupboards and drawers. Labels, stickers, cards, envelopes, stationery, lovely lettering, pop-ups, posters and so much more. Once again, we collaborated with a large team of illustrators from all around the world, who are just as crazy about paper as we are.

Be prepared for paper envy because I'm posting more photos here. ♡

The book is divided into three sections: PRINT STUDIO, PAPER STUDIO, and PATTERN STUDIO.

Writing paper, labels, postcards, folding envelopes, pop-up typewriter, letter stickers, fluorescent stickers, decorative stickers

Office stationery, tissue paper, wrapping paper, stickers, colored paper, a garland, mini posters, a large poster, fold-your-own-paper boats, a 3D poster, mini booklets, birthday calendar

Cut-out flags, create-your-own landscape poster with stickers, lots and lots of patterns, wrapping paper, mini cards, (glitter) stickers, patterns for you to color in

The back cover page has a flap that contains paper envelopes and a paper lantern.

I think it's a reeeally good buy considering the numerous designs and sheets of paper included, the quality, and the number of projects I can make with it. I am so excited for the first project that I will be making this weekend! Here's hoping I can actually find it in me to tear the pages and use them, heh.

Apologies but I do not know if this is available here in Manila, but keep a look out at your favorite art and book stores because they might carry it, too! If not, good ol' Book Depository is just a click away.

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