Alejandro's Barberia is now open!

18 February 2018

More than seeing new books, lipsticks, and dolls in my collection, one of my favorite things to witness is friends' dreams coming true. ♥ 

Today we finally got to visit my friend/ officemate/ former schoolmate Jean's new barbershop she and her husband Alex put up: Alejandro's Barberia.

Located in A. Santiago Street in Navotas City, Alejandro's Barberia is a quaint barber-shop that exudes old-school and classic charm. Don't be fooled by the classy interiors, though. Each haircut costs P99 only! They usually have two barbers but one took the day off today so my friend/ officemate Alexandra had to wait a bit for her turn, but we didn't mind because we spent the whole time talking and catching up.

Jean, Alexandra, Ashley, and me
Jean's daughter Ashley
We didn't have work last Friday because of the Chinese New Year but it felt like I haven't seen them in forever! (Even more so since I will be gone from the office for at least two months starting tomorrow.)

Sharing more photos of J's transformation!

Like me, J is blessed with thick hair

*heart eyes emoji*
If this is an Inkblot Test I would say I am seeing Batman
If ever you find yourself needing a haircut and you're in the area, try Alejandro's Barberia! I am not being biased when I say I love the service and the amenities — you saw how great a job they did with J's hair, yes? But yes, I also love and support the family who owns it! J and Alexandra both live in the South (he in Taguig, she in Parañaque), and they say the trip was worth it.

Good job, Alex and Jean and family! More power to Alejandro's Barberia and more blessings to us all. ♥

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