{2018} Currently Vol. 8

23 February 2018

I wasn't able to post my weekly Currently for this week but I think I can be forgiven. After all, I just spent four days in the hospital and was only able to go home yesterday. Yes, I am alive and I am at home now, recuperating after my open surgery to remove my myomas.


I guess I've always known this, but I never realized how many people care for me until messages of concern, support, and encouragement poured in after I posted about my operation. I had so many people praying for me, and I feel so blessed and humbled.

Now I'd like to share my story in the hopes I might help someone who's going through the same. As I shared on my previous post, my Mama and I together with my boyfriend went to ManilaMed on Monday afternoon so I can be already be confined in preparation for my Tuesday 8:30 AM operation. I really wanted to treat it as a vacation that I even brought facial masks so my Mom and I can relax and bond the night prior, so I was definitely not expecting to be given the dextrose so early and for nurses and doctors to do their rounds every hour! At around 10 PM, I was given an enema, and by midnight I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything anymore.

Tuesday, the day of the operation, came. I was up by 6 AM and was wheeled out by 7:30 AM. My boyfriend, bless him, did not go to work so he could see me and wait while the surgery was being done. I was crying when they wheeled me in the operating room but my sweet and nice anesthesiologist, Dr. Vanni Cristi, gave me a shot to calm me down. I don't actually remember much from the operation because everything seemed hazy since, like the overhead lights were transformed to a huge kaleidoscope and I was just lying there, astonished by it. I don't even remember being given the anesthesia. I drifted in and out of consciousness and there was a cover that prevented me from seeing what was being done to me but I could see the reflection from the overhead lights. I get squeamish when I see blood and innards but I guess the shot they gave me was really good because I felt calm and collected all throughout the operation, drifting off when Dr. Cristi notices I'm awake and says I should sleep.

When I came to and heard it was done and the operation was successful, I remember wanting to ask if it was a boy or a girl, and then I realized I didn't actually give birth.


The doctors removed not four, not six (as displayed by my latest TVS ultrasound results), but eleven myomas! Eleven! Holy freaking mammals. @_@

I'm thankful to my doctors especially Dr. Margaret Joyce Cristi Limson and Dr. Luisa Mangubat, anesthesiologist, nurses, and staff in ManilaMed. Service is really A+++ and I can't recommend the hospital enough. I'm thankful to my family especially my Mom and Dad and my boyfriend J for taking care of me. I'm thankful to my bosses and for our health card, without which my bill (from the consultations to the lab tests to the operation itself) would've been ginormous and I would've needed to leave one of my kidneys for collateral LOL. I once took my health card for granted because I never had a need for it, until this happened. I'm thankful to my friends Michael and Niel and Tita Mary who visited me in the hospital. I'm thankful to Tita Judy for sending so many goodies. I'm thankful to my officemates and friends who constantly check up on me and everyone who sent me encouraging messages and prayed for me. And of course I'm thankful to God for blessing the hands of my doctors and for giving my reproductive health a new lease on being able to give life (in case we choose to, in the future).

Right now everything still hurts and it's a struggle for me to stand up and walk, and I'm looking forward to full recovery. I'm currently on a long break from work, and I'm aiming to use this time to do things that feed my soul, as per the advice of my boss Celine.

I spent almost 20 years of my life thinking my prolonged periods and very painful cramps are normal, #justgirlythings, and it wasn't until I got asked almost every day by people (sometimes even strangers) if I were pregnant that I decided to do something about it and get checked. I wouldn't have undergone the surgery if those myomas didn't pose a risk for my viability to have a baby in the future, but I didn't want to not have that choice someday. Seeing them after my operation, I realized it couldn't have been good to have those inside me. I'm happy and thankful they're gone and that I can now relax knowing that my uterus and tubes are safe and healthy.

My belly now has a tiny bikini cut, but my heart is full and my uterus is devoid of myomas. Thank you.

Awareness is best, if you're experiencing very heavy and prolonged periods and intolerable cramps, I suggest that you see your doctor. ♡ 

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