My Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Haul

16 February 2018

Heat and exhaustion from running up and down nine flights of stairs for our office building's earthquake drill almost made me want to miss the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale preview yesterday.


If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that almost nothing can come between me and books at very pocket-friendly prices!

Alone (my boyfriend followed after his work for the day was done) and with legs screaming for relief from too much walking, I trooped to World Trade Center after work yesterday and went around the ginormous hall to my book-lover's heart's delight. But because I was very behaved and didn't want to go over my set budget of P1,000, I only went home with these:

The Compleat Ankh-Morpork by Terry Pratchett (P390), The Madame Chic boxed set by Jennifer L. Scott (P580 for three books), Poorly Drawn Lines by Reza Farazmand (P190), and The Complete Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen (P230)
A closer look
I spent a total of P1,390, going over the limit I originally set, but if you know me then you would know that that is a pretty incredible feat. Besides, P1,390 for all these? Is that amazing or what?


Here are the other books I regrettably had to let go. You can see the prices on most of them and see how sulit they are.

Everything Alice (The Wonderland Book of Makes & Bakes) and Everything Oz (The Wizard Book of Makes & Bakes)
These were the first books that caught my eye and I liked them because they offer great ideas for theme parties and I LOVE theme parties. However, I had to consider the fact that I won't probably be needing these anytime soon, so off the cart they went.
Marvel Avengers Encyclopedia
Jane Austen Cover to Cover
Cath Kidston Button Factory
Dottie Polka's Vintage Collection
Makery Sewing by Kate Smith
I want to go back for this!
Alice's Wonderland by Catherine Nichols
The Further Adventures of a London Call Girl
I remember discovering the blog from an old Cosmopolitan US issue back in college, following it, and wanting to buy the books. I didn't see the first book so I didn't see the point of getting this.
Adventure Time
From Notting Hill with Four Weddings... Actually
I almost got this because I was intrigued by the title, but I didn't have time to check reviews so I didn't
There were a lot of Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, too.
I'm liking the covers.
The Looking Glass House by Vanessa Tait
More Than This by Patrick Ness
Bloom Collection Bible
Myths & Legends by Philip Wilkinson
This book is THICK and HEAVY! I regret letting go of this.
The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
This is one of my favorite reads back in 2014! I have it in my Kindle but a hardcover edition sounded so very tempting, but in the end I had to chuck it out my cart because I realized that the point of my Kindle is to lessen my need for book storage space, and getting this defeats that. There was a lady who was holding a copy too, and it seemed like she was contemplating whether to get it or not. I gave her the nudge she needed and recommended the book, causing her to put both this and the sequel, The Rosie Effect, in her cart. The guy beside us did the same. :)
Martha Stewart Weddings
RHS Miniature Garden Grower
I've always wanted to make a terrarium, while my boyfriend wants to start taking care of a bonsai plant. I regret not getting this.
I've been checking the #BigBadWolfBooksPH hashtag religiously and feeling envious of other people's book hauls, and now I REALLY want to go back! If you're coming for the first time, here are some tips from a book-lover to fellow book-lovers/ hoarders:

  • Go on a weekday and/ or during off-peak hours so you can browse books in peace.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. I repeat, it is a ginormous hall and you would want to check all 20,000+ titles in all the aisles. Don't fight the temptation and wear shoes fit for battle.
  • Devise a system on how you can cover all grounds. The tables of books are arranged per category, and you might want to skip some genres. That's okay.
  • Lessen the use of plastic and bring your own canvas bags. Some people even brought luggages!
  • This goes without saying, but have enough money with you.
  • Make sure to put a dent on your reading list after shopping.
  • Bring someone who will enjoy book-shopping with you and not complain when you're taking too long.

My boyfriend came with me. 

I really want to go back and hoard books about how to sew. We'll see if I can still do it because I'll be confined this coming week already for my operation. Please pray for me.

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is open for 24 hours a day, every day, from today until February 25 at the World Trade Center. Admission is free!

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