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25 February 2018

An idle mind is a shopaholic's playground. I've said this before but I'm experiencing the full bout of it now that I'm currently on a long break from work. Right now I'm waiting for four packages from Shopee, one package from BeautyMNL, and one doll plus outfits to arrive. May the Lord grant me the serenity and patience to wait for the things I shopped for online.

Aside from the four aforementioned Shopee transactions (mostly miniatures for my dolls), my cart currently has 15 items in it that I am itching to check out if only I weren't worried about funds. Shopping in Shopee is fun because the prices are dirt cheap if you're getting stuff from suppliers based in China, but you really have to be patient because delivery may take more than two weeks. I wish I bought those much earlier, especially the DIY diorama, but I didn't know scheduling my operation will be that fast.

Anyway, I'm also in the market for a new PANDORA charm. When I first found out that I will undergo surgery, I told myself and my boyfriend J that I will get a pink PANDORA charm after my operation to mark another milestone - that of saving my reproductive health. Since he gave me a Vintage J charm on Valentine's Day to match the Vintage K charm he gave me on our second anniversary, I figured a pink heart-shaped charm placed between our initials will serve a double purpose. Here is my current setup:

My current charms:
Globe Clip, Pavé Wishing Star Charm, Vintage J Charm, Jasmine's Signature Color Charm, Vintage K Charm, Night and Day Clip
I checked the PANDORA website, and here is my shortlist:

Burst of Love Charm
It's cute but I'm not looking for "cute"
Fuchsia Shape of Love Charm
I'm just thinking the shade of fuchsia might clash with my Jasmine charm, so I guess I'll have to see this in person
Glittering Heart Charm
Simple and elegant
Heart Charm
Simple and elegant, but might be too simple
Pink Pavé Open My Heart Charm
Ostentatious, but might be too flashy
Two Hearts Spacer
This. This might be my best bet among all these. I like that it's simple and sophisticated, and the heart design of the charm itself comes as somewhat a surprise. I also like the engraved words at the back. The only issue is that it's not pink, but it might be something I can overlook if I really like how it looks in person. 
I will visit a PANDORA store when I can already walk long distances without flinching from pain. Hoping it will be next weekend already so I can also bring my cousins to the mall so they can watch Black Panther!

Aside from these and trying to make a dent on my To Be Read piles, my waking days and dreams are consumed with Blythe dolls (I swear, they're all I check now on Instagram and Etsy!) and wanting to learn how to knit and crochet! I'm giving myself a Blythe doll for my birthday but I haven't decided which one to get yet. I'm also trying to find out where I can take knitting and crocheting lessons. CraftMNL doesn't have it on their pipeline so I guess my best bet is Dreams Yarnshoppe. I just have to figure out when I can go to Glorietta 5. I can watch tutorials online, yes, but I prefer one-on-one lessons for immediate feedback. Let me know if you have any leads, please!

That's it for now. Will go back to checking Shopee now, heh. I hope you're being more responsible than me when it comes to your finances!

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