My Beauty Confidential Story

26 February 2018

The last event I went to before my operation was the Beauty Confidential, a Beauty Bootcamp event by Belle de Jour Power Planer and Project Vanity held at the Glorietta Activity Center two Sundays ago. Very fitting, I should say, as it was certainly empowering to be surrounded by inspiring women in an event organized by women for women!

We were promised a day of workshops, sweet deals from their partner brands, and some fun activities, but we got so much more!

Upon registration, I was led to the Carefree and Lay Bare booth where I participated in some games and activities and even shared hygiene tips for down there that I subscribe to. Talking from my personal experience, I said we should always make sure our reproductive health is also taken care of, and that anything that seems unusual should be checked by your OB-GYN.

We also had an Intimate Beauty Talk with Carefree and Lay Bare with Carefree’s Intimate Beauty Ambassador Gretchen Ho who says that staying fresh and clean is an important part of feeling good, inside and out. This enables her to keep doing what she loves to do.

One of her beauty secrets is always keeping an intimate grooming kit with her—that includes pantyliners. As Carefree’s Intimate Beauty Ambassador, Gretchen advocates using pantyliners, not only because it makes laundry easier for her, but also to stay fresh and feel good all day.

I had a little time after this session to walk around the fair and check the booths out.

Swatches of the Chihuahua Lipsticks
Guess the Shade at the Ever Bilena booth
I got 6/7!
Swatches of Wild Orchid, Bombshell Red, and Midnight Mystery from Revlon's Street Chic capsule collection
I couldn't resist these and got all three! Good thing they had a special P100 off promo that day, and good thing that my lipstick shopping ban is over!
I also saw the two most important females at the event, without whom the event wouldn't have been possible:

With Darlyn Ty, founder of the Belle de Jour Power Planner
With Liz Lanuzo, founder and editor-in-chief of Project Vanity
Congratulations, ladies!

I was able to attend two other talks: Derma Secrets for a Great Skin and Transformative Power of Mineral Makeup.

Here I am with the founder of Ellana Mineral Cosmetics, Theresa Carbonel Buenaflor
Ellana and I go way back, and I am so happy they still remain a power player in the beauty industry as it's one of my favorite local brands.
Of course, one of my favorite parts of Beauty Confidential was seeing some of my favorite inspiring women.

With Helen
With Tara and Earth
With Christine and Helen
With Tellie
I also joined Tellie's makeup workshop at the BYS booth shortly before leaving.
The brands that participated in the one day mega beauty event are Ever Bilena, Bioderma, Ellana Mineral Cosmetics, Max Factor, Covergirl, Nuxe, Zenutrients, Carefree, BYS, Revlon, Chihuahua, CosRX, K-Palette, Makeup World, Celeteque, Canmake, Colourette, Pink Sugar, Listerine, The Body Shop, and In Her Element.

I had to leave early because I had to attend church, but I was able to take home a media kit and my shopping haul.

So cute!
I have the EQ of a pillow so imagine the self-control it took for me to wait until we got home from church before I opened this.
The rest of the media kit
And look! They gave us the complete Revlon Street Chic collection!
Here are the things I bought: Colourette Colourtint in Kelsey and the aforementioned three Revlon lipsticks :)
Fun day! For someone who has read beauty magazines since she was 13 and checks beauty websites on a daily basis, I am happy to report I came out of Beauty Confidential armed with new tips and techniques I learned.

By the way, if you attended the event and you want another one OR you missed out and would want to attend next time, Project Vanity is holding their 10th Anniversary Event on March 10 while Belle de Jour Power Planner is holding the BDJ Women's Summit 2018: Women Redefined on March 11. Click on the respective links to know more!

Congratulations again, Belle de Jour Power Planner and Project Vanity! Thank you for doing what you do and may you continue empowering women everywhere. ♡

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