This is the closest to sports I will ever be, methinks.

24 February 2010

I am probably the most un-sporty girl I know. I love school, but I hated PE. In Elementary while my classmates played volleyball and basketball I play with the Barbies I have brought. If we are required to really play, I just stand there and wait for the balls to hit me. In High School I was probably the happiest girl in class when we were allowed to play Scrabble and were taught Dances instead of other sports. (Imagine playing Scrabble for PE, how lame LOL). In college I chose Social Dance, Arnis and Badminton for my required PE units. I would never be able to compete though; in these occasions I would prefer to be the spectator - a part of the audience, thankyouverymuch.

Yesterday my bestfriend Jerome invited me to watch him and his twin brother Jonas defend their title as Champion of the Navotas Mayor's Cup. I might have neglected to say it before; he is not just an awesome graphic artist (he designed my blog's header btw) and the best guy friend a girl could ever wish for, he is also an excellent badminton player. Together, he and his twin are a force to be reckoned with in Doubles. He is a leftie while Jonas is a rightie, so you know, they can easily cover the bases. So much are their skills when it comes to this sport that Babolat asked them to be their endorsers. So yeah, they have Babolat uniforms, rackets, even bags. Isn't that great? :D

Jonas and Jerome
Serrano brothers


working it in the badminton court :D
look at how toned their legs are!

In the years Jer and I have been bestfriends, this is the first time I saw them compete. I marveled at how fast, agile and strong they are! And I am so amazed at how fit they look and how toned their legs are!

They won against two other pairs, but lost to Edison and Jess (who coincidentally are also very close friends with them. Jess is also our classmate in high school.) in the last round. What happened yesterday was just the Eliminations. They have another game tonight, and the Finals will be on Saturday :) I'm hoping they win it again, that would be awesome! :)


stretching their muscles after the game
I seriously don't know anyone else who can do a bridge stand like that :D

After the game we all went to Steakside in Malabon for a celebratory(?) dinner. 

waiting for our food

It's always great to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones!


Krissy and Jerome


I missed Jess, we used to punch each other in the arms all the time in high school :D

At the risk of having an accident (gulp), we also had fun taking photos of ourselves using my camera's Self Timer in the drive home.

driving home

this is the most decent photo taken :D

Fun times! Now if only there is a way to have toned legs like theirs without exerting any effort. Dream on, Krissy :D


  1. Wow the twins really look exactly the same, except for one's tatt! Haha I'm also super un-sporty so I know how you feel. I don't know how I survived all those years of PE.

  2. You are really not sporty? You're just naturally fit??? Cool!

    Hmmmm, it is interesting that guys are always so happy to have their picture taken with you. If you had a BF he might get jealous! ;P But honestly, it is clear that all of your friends really enjoy their time with you. Not sporty, but definitely a sweetie! =)

  3. yes you know more ppl! i can do bridges too hehe
    how did scrabble and PE ever mix?? lolzzz

  4. i honestly thought you superimposed the photo at first i.e there was only one jerome.

    until i read your paragraph.

    wtf they look alike!!!

  5. Krissy, I thought you were into sports, I pictured you as a volley ball girl or so :-) Would be fun to watch you play :) Glad you had fun. Oh, I wish you'd post the not so decent pics :P

  6. I thought you put the picture together when I saw the review on the blogger dashboard hehe must be cool to have a twin. you ever get them confused? haha i suppose not since, hes your bestfriend hehe

  7. Does playing jackstones count as a sport? Because I can kick anyone's ass playing jackstones. Lol! What I had for PE back in college is cheering which involves watching basketball games and yelling as loudly as I can. How's that?

  8. lol. cool! I especially love the first twin photo, haha! looks like mirror :P

    and oh my! I can never do bridge like that too! I can rolling pretty good though, haha... the best sprt I can d is swim, and run. hah.

  9. You've got great friends Krissy. Girl, it's never too late to take up sports. But what does a girl have to lose if she isn't into sports right? xoxo

  10. You're kidding? I thought you were into badminton or something. You are so fit. Ah, i'm so jealous! So, you have that figure yet you're not working out. ugh...jealous jealous jealous. hehehe

  11. @ Soapaholic: Me too! I guess I just went with the flow since I didn't have any choice anyway haha :D

    @ Rick: I am skinny but I am not fit, I seriously need to exercise more as I get really tired easily :D

    @ Manju: You can do a bridgestand too? Wow! :)

    @ Ejannz: Yes they do when you first meet them, but after a while you notice the differences :D

    @ Nino: Haha the not-so-decent pics are all really blurred and only one or two people were included in the shots :D

    @ Maui: Nope :) I guess they looked more identical when we were young, but now they look different :D

    @ Marj: I loved jackstones too! And pick-up sticks! LOL :D

    @ Tiara: Oh I know how to swim, but not in the super deep areas :D

    @ Leah: Absolutely, methinks I'll just like other things instead :D

    @ Mel: Haha you just made me blush LOL :D

  12. That Jess guy used to punch your arms in high school? But you're tiny! And he's uh...un-tiny! Haha. You must have a pretty strong punch :p

  13. Oh Jess used to be tiny as well! He just had a sudden growth spurt after high school haha! :D


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