Strip X I Love Koi: Shanghai Summer Orange

18 March 2013

A few months ago I told you about my first Brazilian waxing experience care of Strip Manila and how it has made me feel lighter, fresher, cleaner, and much more comfortable down there. I honestly thought how I could have gone on far too long without having it! Especially now that summer's here... We all know that summer = swimwear so I have to make sure I avoid any oops-moment like accidental peek-a-boos LOL. 

To welcome summer, Strip Manila has partnered with I Love Koi to celebrate the release of their newest wax, the Shanghai Summer Orange. Strip chose Love Koi to help celebrate the liberated spirit that comes with stepping out in true summer style.

The tie-up introduces refreshing looks inspired by Shanghai Summer Orange; each swimsuit in the collection comes in different shades of orange with a variety of cuts. To further promote this partnership, a fashion show will be held in Prive on Thursday, March 21. Please see the poster below for details.

Are you excited? Check out this special teaser!

Please send your RSVPs to RSVP[at] Hope to see you there! :)

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  1. I hate to be critical, but what happened to you??? You used to be so much prettier! I hardly recognize you in these photos. :)


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