Almost weekend!

15 March 2013

This week is probably the most stressful week I've ever had since I started working for ARC (which reminds me, I celebrated my seventh month with the company last Wednesday! Yay!). We are busy preparing for two major events happening this coming week, and together with my other tasks for all our other clients as well as extra-hellish traffic, well let's just say I have been going home all week feeling beat up and spent.

Then again I know that these are good problems and that I shouldn't be complaining.

However stressful things may be though, there are always little pockets from which to get joy. These are my favorite parts of this work-week:

My outfit for the Elle Girl shoot + sneak peek
I LOVE the 'krissyfied' wire art necklace Ana made for me
Wearing the scarf I made during the Craft MNL workshop and getting lots of compliments for it.
Purring like a kitten. Meow.
Cat's ear headband is also from Ana
Pink's The Truth About Love album my boss Jenny gave to me
Me: (upon seeing the CD in the conference room) Oooh, I LOVE Pink!
Jenny: Really? Okay it's yours.
Me: Whuuut? Thank you!
Reaching the office extra-early and snapping this photo
My gorgeous purple-pink lipstick: Maybelline Amethyst Ablaze
My Payday Friday treat to myself BECAUSE I DESERVE IT!
I got this pair from Ferretti and I'm planning to use it to the two big parties we'll have next week.
Pupung desk clock from SOLO
I'm finally going to have a new haircut tomorrow. Whew. Happy weekend, everyone! (^_^)


  1. everything is so pretty~!!! I Love that krissyfied necklace, that's just simply awesome! :D and your handmade scarf, that's just gorgeouuuusss~~~ love the color! and that kitty headband! I've been wanting to have one too since forever hahaha.. so cute so cute! And of course that pumps~!!! SO VERY PRETTY~! LOVEEEEEE *excuse my over-excited-ness (now that's not even a word lol)

  2. Hi Krissy you are adorable! I love your outfit! Oh and that necklace is sooo pretty!


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