Dakasi in Makati

16 March 2013

There is no shortage of food and drinks to get addicted to. 

Shortly after I quit my old job and moved out of my apartment in Quezon City, my friend Michelle and I had a brief falling out because of something she did and something I said. Thankfully everything has been ironed out now and so to catch up on lost time we made plans to meet. We were supposed to go out for some katsu and ice cream at another mall but when I received Liz's invite to go to Dakasi's grand launch in Makati I knew I just had to go. Liz was cool enough to let me tag Mich along so after a quick lunch and haircut in TriNoma we traveled to Makati, specifically Dela Rosa Street where Dakasi's newest branch is.

The first time I had Dakasi was during the Ayala-sponsored food trip in Marquee Mall (which is, incidentally, its first branch) where I took home a Charcoal Roasted Milk Tea. I shared it with my sister when I got home and we liked it instantly because it smelled and tasted so good! There were times I look for the taste but without any branches near my home or place of work this search proved futile, so now I am really happy that they have a new branch a few blocks away from the office! Although I hope they begin accepting orders for delivery soon ;)

Because of my big epic geographical knowledge fail and guards who kept on pointing us to different directions, we got lost trying to find Dela Rosa. I almost gave up but good thing I didn't because going there was very well worth it! Today's activities included a short demo of how their drinks are made, a quick game, and a whole lotta eating and drinking!

Look at all those flavors! I'd love to try a different flavor each day!
Michelle with her Bubble Milk Tea with Pearls
Me with my Yakult Lemon Tea with Coconut Jelly
Our tablemates Mr. and Mrs. AskMeWhats, Keith and Nikki!
Melai and Liz getting the party started
Mr. Dexter Chee-Ah explaining how Dakasi came to be and how they envision the brand's future
Dakasi originally came from Taiwan and its name literally means "big cast". They hope to someday be the "Starbucks of milk tea". Did you know that in a little over a year, they now have 17 branches? Awesome, right? I asked for Yakult Lemon Tea because I prefer fruit-based drinks. It took me a long time to decide though because I wanted to try a LOT of other flavors! I am definitely coming back for Halo-Halo and more Charcoal Roasted ^_^

After their quick talk, we were treated to a live demo of how they make their drinks while Mr. Aldrich Kho explained the process to us. They have a very well-trained team who makes all drinks fresh and delicious across the board!

They don't use tea powder and their tapioca pearls do not exceed three hours of shelf life to guarantee its freshness and high quality. Also, every ingredient is measured accurately and precisely to ensure consistency, unlike other brands whose drinks vary depending on which branch you are in.

Nikki volunteered to try her own milk tea
This nifty little metal thing here is a Shaker. It shakes the concoction for 25 seconds before being poured to glasses to ensure that the drink is smooth and again, consistent. It gets credit for making my Yakult Lemon drink smoother and extra yummy as compared to other Yakult drinks from other brands.
After being challenged, their crew Gab also tried to make a drink in 45 seconds. He succeeded!
One of the most fun parts of the afternoon: a game! Fastest milk tea drinker wins!

Guess who won? Ana did!
Matching outfits with Alex

I had a really great time! Thank you so much Dakasi team and Liz for inviting me. I can't wait for some downtime in the office so I can go to Dela Rosa and try other variants. Who knows, I might even buy some for my officemates as well ;)


  1. Goal: To be able to wear horizontal stripes someday without looking too wide.

    You and Alex look great.

  2. It was great to see you Krizzy before I Pop! Thanks for sharing your table!!! Mwa :x see you soon! Next time...pasakay sa ARC motorcycle ha? :P


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