Gorgeus Blogger Award + Random Interesting Facts Tag

06 October 2009

Big thank you's, digital hugs, and kisses from my pink, glittering heart to Aicha and Cha for giving me this:

with specific instructions to list down 6 Random Interesting Facts about me.

Let's get down to this gorgeous business, shall we? :D

  • I am a magpie. Not literally, duh :D I collect different kinds of stuff, but perhaps my favorite things to collect are journals (and notebooks with pretty covers, for that matter). Before there were blogs, there were journals. Maybe it's the writer in me, but I am just so happy when I get a new journal to write on. Even now that I have my blog to express myself on, I still have to have that one journal where I can write what I want without fear of anyone else reading it without my permission. In case you want to give me a present and you're stumped on what to give me, I'd say you can never go wrong with a journal (or a notebook with a pretty cover). My latest acquisition was the Twilight Journals. I got it from National Bookstore last week (at the last day of the sale for Laking National members) for only 785php, down from the original price of 988php if you have a Laking National (National Bookstore's loyalty program) card. Now I am not a big fan of Stephenie Meyer's literature and the novelty of the Twilight saga may have worn off for me after I read Breaking Dawn but I must say that the merchandise (official or fan-made) are all very good! To date I have (had all the books, but sold them to my friend Mich) four Twilight shirts, the Twilight movie OST, the Twilight Illustrated Movie Companion, an Edward Cullen bookmark, a Twilight polymer clay necklace, and a Bella bracelet given by Ana (told ya I'm a magpie LOL). It helps as well that I really like how the book covers were designed. And yeah, I'm excited to watch New Moon just so I can see Taylor Lautner's abs. Hot, indeed! Oops I'm sorry, I have digressed far too much! Here are some pics of the journals:

still sealed

housed in a collectible tin

It contains FOUR hardbound journals with the books' cover designs and quotes from the Twilight saga and books that have inspired the series. Pretty cool, huh?
  • I have a compulsive desire to name everything in sight. My phone is named Alister. My digital media players were named Akisha and Akira. My bichir fishes are named Aziraphale and Anathema. (I also had other pet fishes whom I named Elixir, Phantasmagoria, Gaian and Atticus. They are in fish heaven now.) My stuffed octopus baby is named Archuleta, and my stuffed starfish is named Kriket. And the list goes on.

Archuleta and Cook. Dane and I got them at the Manila Ocean Park last June 2. Their names were inspired by, yes, the David Cook/ Archuleta in Manila concert here last May 16.
  • I arrange my bills not only in ascending order of their value but also by their serial numbers. Yup. Because I'm twistedly-OC like that :D
  • I cover all my books with plastic. I cannot really start reading a book without ensuring it is protected against wear and tear. I am just too careful with my books. And I did the same with my beloved old Candy and Seventeen Philippines magazines, can you believe that? On a related note, I bought two new books last weekend.

The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky (which I am halfway through) and The Booklovers' Appreciation Society by different authors like Sophie Kinsella, Cecelia Ahern, Maeve Binchy and many others (a portion of the proceeds of which will go to Breast Cancer Care)

  • My stories tend to branch out to other stories whether I tell them in person or write about them in my blog. Case in point? See Random Interesting Fact number 1 :D That is why I love using parentheses, they help me organize (and rein in) my thoughts :D
  • I have never had a facial or a massage or a professional waxing job done. Honestly I don't think I need facials, and I am very ticklish so massages are a no-no. Generally I am just not a fan. I used to reason that I can do without those, so long as I have my shoes :D But now I must say I am becoming a little bit more interested to try these things. After all, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! :)

never had a facial done :)

I really love reading (and doing) bloggers' tags because it gives me the chance to know more about the people behind the blogs. Somehow, they seem more "real" and I can relate more to them. Umm I don't know if that makes any sense but for me it does haha! So yeah, keep those tags coming, and I'll def answer them (so long as I'm in my parents' house, using my computer) :D

And now I am passing on this award to 6 other gorgeous bloggers!



  1. You're like Azusa Shiratori from Ranma 1/2! She names all her things too!

    Thanks for the tag, a lot of people have been tagging me but I've been too lazy... hehe.

  2. wow those journals are nice nga! love em! oooh, we're so taylor fans hahaha. i'll let you know if i get advanced screening tix of new moon. movie passes are among my job's perks! :D

  3. @ Nina: You're welcome! I used to watch Ranma 1/2 when I was a kid, but I have already forgotten the characters' names :D

    @ Rej: Haha I gave it much thought before I bought, I succumbed on the last day of the Laking National sale :D Wow that would be awesome, thank you, you're so sweet! :)

  4. oh gosh, have I been gone for a long time? Your layout is different from the last time I remember it. Different in a good way. ANyhow, congrats on the gorgeous blogger award. =)

  5. thanks for the award,hun

    im also ticklish
    i asked my bf to massage my feet everytime it aches, but with all the giggles that i do he can't ever get it done

    i can't imagine having a foot spa or else i'll go kicking the attendant!

  6. @ Mel: No, you haven't! I just try to tweak it to suit my taste and personality more every chance I get. Thank you for your feedback! :)

    @ Thiamere: Haha me too! Whenever the Sweets and I are having one of those petty and playful fights he would tickle me endlessly and I am never able to fight back :D And I so get what you mean about the footspa! Never had one for the same reason as well :D

  7. For such a girly girl with all the first facts, you not liking massage makes my jaw fropped. WHYYYY. LOL it only takes some getting used to it's really addictive.

  8. hey girl! thanks for droppin by and following! :) can't wait to read more from your blog! tc! :)

  9. @ Andhari: Really? I'm scared haha! Hmm I guess I should face my fears and take the plunge, yes? Haha with the way I'm speaking you would think it is a scary operation I'm talking about LOL!

    @ Kym: You're welcome! :)

  10. thanks for doing the tag sis :)
    oohhh i love twilight! heehee.
    can't wait for new moon too <3

  11. @ Abby: I haven't posted a photo of my stuffed starfish Kriket yet haha! :D

    @ Cha: You're welcome! Thank you for tagging me sis! :)
    Ooh Taylor Lautner is so hot! I wanna get the New Moon Illustrated Movie Companion just for the photos of Taylor :D


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