Operation: Independence

25 September 2008

I am already 22-years old, but I am still stuck in my own private Neverland. I am such a baby, an undomestic goddess, and a sloth. I don't know how to cook and how to wash and iron clothes (except for undies). At home I don't do anything. On my off days, at the rare instances that I cannot be found in front of my computer I just laze around the house, reading books or tinkering with my stuff.

But I don't want to remain this way for long. I want to have that streak of independence, that feeling that I can accomplish something on my own without needing to rely on my parents for support.

And what's the best way to do just that? My friends, I am moving out!

Yes. You read that right. I will be renting a place in Commonwealth with my good friends/ teammates Asther, Ruther and Watcher. Ar, Ruther and I actually went to the house today and it's perfect!

My Ma won't allow me at first but Pa told her to give me a month. Besides if I would be working abroad I would need all the practice and training I could get right?

I am so excited! Just think of all the possibilities! I don't need to sleep too early since I won't have to wake up too early since the place we'll be staying in is just 15 minutes away from the office (as opposed to my current more-than-an-hour travel time). I would be able to learn basic household chores through my future housemates who all promised they would teach me. I would be able to learn how to manage my finances since I would really have to learn how to budget and online shopping would be lessened since I would be leaving my computer here at home. I would be out of the scrutinizing eyes of my strict parents who still treat me as a kid sometimes. Most importantly, I would learn how to stand on my own.

Tonight I will prepare an initial list of the stuff I would be bringing. Tomorrow I will discuss the full details with them. The people currently renting the house would be leaving at the end of the month so we could move in on the first day of October. I am so excited!

Yes, yes, call me Miss Independent Ü

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