June's Pretty Little Things

11 June 2010

I want to make this Pretty Little Things a monthly feature of my blog. I started Make Me Smile Mondays some time ago but haven't had much success with continuing it (my bad). Hopefully this will be a good alternative instead.

Just looking at how I designed my blog layout, it is obvious that I love cute and girly things. Pretty things make me happy and a burst of color never fails to brighten up my mood. Since I have declared my dark days as over, I want something to remind me not to go down that route again, thus this post (and the succeeding ones). Let this monthly feature be my ode of gratitude for all things pretty. :)

Without further ado:
  • Birthday present swap with Manju
wonder what wonders this parcel from Mauritius holds?

wonder no more!

Her birthday present for me includes a birthday card, lollies and choco marshmallows, a cute memopad and an automatic pencil (the girl knows I looove writing spontaneous notes), a pretty silver rose ring, a pair of earrings, a pair of falsies, Maybelline Mineral Power Blush in Original Rose, aaaand a pretty ribbon necklace. Manju said, one look at that necklace and she thought of me. So sweet! Thank you so much Manju! I do hope you receive my package soon, I am so excited for you to see it!
I took this screenshot last Wednesday. I am now at level 15 so you can tell I am taking this seriously XD

The graphics of Baking Life are so cute! The objectives are simple: you are the owner of a pattiserie while you "recruit" friends to work for you. Then, you "bake" cakes, bread, cupcakes and other pastries so you can sell them to your customers. I am having fun customizing my pattiserie according to my taste. Also, through this game I can pretend like I really know how to bake :D I am such a sucker for Facebook games, my favorite being Pet Society (I still cannot go a day without checking my pet Kiss XD) I also play Restaurant City, Nightclub City, and My Empire. I got bored with Social City and Cafe World already, thank God.

white straw hat with multi-colored polka-dotted scarf, red beanie and pink cord bracelets as freebie

I love them! I am waiting for an occasion when I can wear the white hat, while I wore the red beanie when I met my best friend at the mall last night :)

trying them on :)

What are YOUR favorite pretty little things for this month? :)


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