Wild at Heart, Fit in Body: Bench with Coke Zero

29 June 2010

Curtains will roll up once again for one of the most anticipated biennial events in the entertainment circuit. On July 2, Filipinos will flock to the Araneta Coliseum and watch as hot celebrities and models alike strut their stuff in the runway for Bench Uncut: A Bold Look at the Future.

Once every two years, local clothing brand Bench stages a fashion event showcasing their underwear and denim lines. This year's show is the fifth one they'll be staging; the previous ones were One Night Only (2002), Understatement (2002), Fever (2006) and Black Out (2008).

For the first time though, Bench finds itself a partner, a conspirator, if you may. Who better to assist Bench in celebrating every individual who considers the world as his/ her personal runway all while working a fit and sexy body than Coke Zero? Promoting great taste and zero sugar, it allows you to indulge without feeling guilty about it. This campaign has been dubbed "Wild at Heart, Fit in Body", very apt indeed! It strikes me on a personal level as it inspires me to pursue my passions and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. You see, I love that I am thin, but there's nothing sexy about losing energy halfway through the day. For this, I have decided to pay more attention to my health and take care of my body. Who knows, maybe in a few months I can be as fit as the models who will parade on the runway come July 2! :D

Let me share with you some of my favorite photos from the promotional shoot:

Gerald Anderson
I introduced him to you guys here. :)

Georgina Wilson

Iya Villania

Enchong Dee
You may remember him from this post :)

Jake Cuenca

Want more? Here is a video of behind-the-scenes footages:

I am crossing my fingers that I can go on Friday! I'd LOVE to see Gerald Anderson :D

All photos were grabbed from Bench's Facebook page. Video is from Coke Zero Philippines' YouTube channel.


  1. Dayummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sexy bodies!!

  2. ang hot talaga ng bench uncut posters noh! :D wah how i wish i can go to a bench show too, super astig palagi!!!

  3. those boys are not my type :p but damn, i'm so jealous with those girls bodies.

  4. What draws a bigger crowd at the event, underwear or denim??? LOL!

    The girls are almost too thin, but they sure are fit! Stiletto girl mentioned boys, but I don't remember seeing any. ;P

  5. I second what Nashe said: damn those bodies! I hope you get to go!!


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