Welcoming Isabella Julia

19 June 2010

One of the best people I have met through my job is Mommy Terry. We fondly call her that because she is like a Mom to us, especially to me. Through the years of working together, we have struck a beautiful friendship. I always like talking to her because of her interesting stories (that range on all sorts of topics) and refreshing insights on mine. Most of all, she loves talking about her daughter Stephenie. Stephenie is still just eleven, but she is very smart and witty and is very talented in singing and drawing. She is such a sweet, sweet girl, always making cards and letters for me :)

Stephenie has been an only child for so long when she was able to convince Mommy Terry and her husband, Tito Emil, to let her have a sister or a brother. After months of trying, their prayers were answered. What was even more astonishing is that Mommy Terry became pregnant with twins! I remember Mommy Terry's story about the time Steph found out; she said Steph tearfully said, "I'm so happy Mommy. I asked God for a sibling and He gave me two!" Sadly though, after a difficult pregnancy, the twin boys were born prematurely and did not make it. It was very sad. But still, they wanted to still try to have another baby. God is good and gave them another baby, this time it's a girl. To say I was beyond happy is an understatement. I even cried tears of joy when Mommy Terry told me the great news!

It was a very, very difficult pregnancy though, much tougher than the last time. This time, she was required to stay in bed-rest for the duration of the pregnancy. Hard as it was, Mommy Terry went through it and filed a very long leave of absence from work. I visited her whenever I can as I know how lonely she must feel, and she was always very appreciative. Through all these, Tito Emil and Stephenie, as well as Mommy Terry's mom and siblings were very supportive. I couldn't have imagined going through all those without this wonderful support group.

All their efforts were rewarded when on June 4, Isabella Julia was born.

cute little baby girl in deep slumber :)

I am so happy for them! I visited them the other day and Steph really has the makings of an awesome older sister!

Mommy Terry and me

After I got home though, Mommy Terry was again brought to the hospital due to some complications. I really, really hope she gets better the soonest time possible. I am praying for her speedy recovery and for no other complications to happen. And of course, for baby Julia to be well-behaved :)


  1. Terry looks waaayyyyy too young to have an 11 year-old. I'll include her and her family in my prayers. I'm glad you found such a good friend and that you are being a good friend to her too! =)

  2. Ooh! Cutie! What a sweetheart! :D

    I hope both mom and baby will be okay the soonest and have their fun mom-newborn moment :)

  3. I want a baby too! Congratulations to Mommy Terry and her beautiful family.

    You're a great friend Krissy! ;p

  4. Congrats to Mommy Terry. Isabella is so cute and I think she'll have a great guardian angel in Steph.

    I guess this makes you Aunty Krissy a second time round?

  5. @ Ejannz: Me too, but not now XD

    @ Rick: Yes, she looks so young! Thank you for your well wishes Rick :)

    @ Tiara: Thank you :)

    @ Johanna Hill: You and Honey Lips should have your baby soon! Thank you :)

    @ Wenny: Yes, I think I am hehe thanks! :)


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