Birthday treats and epiphanies.

22 June 2010

Yesterday was my good friend/ officemate Frank's birthday. After work, he (made me very happy because he) treated me and our other friends/ officemates to my favorite Italian place - Bigoli. I do realize it is already the nth time I am blogging about Bigoli. Please be aware that these are unsolicited and unpaid. I wish they'd send me some gift certificates, though LOL.

It was a lazy Monday afternoon and most people were still at their schools or offices so we had the restaurant to ourselves. It was great since we were able to take lots of photos without worrying about disturbing other people's meals. This is quite a picture-heavy post, with pictures taken by my camera and Watcher's new DSLR, a Nikon D5000. :)

group photo minus Watcher
from left to right: Frank, Mich, Marsha, me and Dane

there's Watcher!

Dane and Krissy
we've managed to stay friends :)
we may not be "together" anymore, but you cannot deny that we look good together XD

perusing the menu :D

what we ate
clockwise: Pork Strombolli, Fettuccine Alfredo, Italian Chicken, and Spaghetti Bolognese

 I ordered a slice of Turtle Cheesecake for the birthday boy :)

Double Chocolate Gelato. Heaven in a cup, seriously.

enjoying the food

these pictures are just too good not to share :)

Frank is undoubtedly one of the best people I met in my office - and I am not just saying that because of the free food :D
Here he is holding order number 21 on June 21 :)

one big happy bunch

me feeling so full because of food, laughter and friendship :)

Again, thank you Frank for this special birthday treat! Thank you, also, for all your wonderful advice. You are one of the most genuine and sincere people I know, always sensible and with a good heart. Whoever the girl who will capture your heart is, is certainly very lucky. :)

This is one of my favorite days in a long while. Thanks to my friends and to all of you who have helped me cope during my dark days. I get sad every once in a while, but now I don't let it get the best of me. I am stronger now, definitely :)

I can say that finally, I am not hurting anymore. I have learned to let go, and though he will always have a special place in my heart, I have now accepted that I should love myself first. My heart is not beating for someone right now, and it feels... weird - weird in a sense that I have not been single for a while ever since I turned 16. 

I am now waiting for the Autumn to my Tom, but he can take his sweet time to arrive. It's okay for me to wait, because while waiting I intend to be my most fabulous and awesome self that he will find it too hard to resist falling in love with me when we finally meet. :)


  1. Oooo... FOOOOOOD!!! *drools* Sphagetti! Fettucine! chicken! omg omg and gelato! and cheesecake! Okay, should stop shouting now...


    I ALWAYS love birthday celebration, although some said it's a remark that our time in this world is shortened, it is also a remark that we've lived, and struggled, and fight, and survived, right? Happy birthday to your friend ;D

    all those photos are amazing and now I think I'm curious about this restaurant, mm hmm... =d

    and I'm glad you and Dane managed to stay friends ;) just like me and the best friend, ahh... talking about him, it's been long since the last time I went out with him... I wonder if Le boy would be jealous? lol xP

  2. i like this! :) i love the positive vibes sis, feel na feel ko :) hehehe!
    And yey to good food, nagugutom akooo! :D and friends with SLRs are the best! (dahil panay pic natin na pwedeng pang headshot/blog ang kinalabasan--hihihi)! :)

  3. Haha.. Krissy, you should do a comic like photo set, you look so adorable. I'd love to read in bubbles about what's on your mind :) So, will you do one photo story for me? ;)

  4. wow ang saya!!! happy ako kse nakilala ko kyo! salamat din at naging tagumpay ang surprise party namin for him. ahahahahah

    kelan naman ang eating session natin dyan? ahahah tara shoot ulit! my cam loves you!!

  5. you two looked good together is because YOU looked good.

    fact. ahahha.

  6. I don't know why, but when I'm reading this, i am smiling. It's so nice to know that we have good friends around to cheer us up! Frank is really nice (SUPER!)...=)

  7. *mmmmmmmmm* that looks good! are you going to take me there when i visit next year, krissy!?!? hehe! :D uyy ha! I saw the pic on facebook of you and dane in a "lovers" type of photo. hahahah! i'm glad you guys are still friends though... and YES, it is SO SO SO important to love yourself first before allowing someone else to love you and for you to love that person. It may or may not be a long journey, but it's worth it. I'm so happy for you!

  8. Those pictures are so clear! Belated happy birthday to your friend! ;p

  9. I agree with stiletto girl--I'm glad your heart is in such a great place. =)

  10. @ Tiara: You should go here then, I'll treat you to that awesome restaurant :)

    @ Manju: Thank you girl :)

    @ Anagon: Thank you! Oo nga, parang I want to buy na rin, pero hindi pwedeee XD

    @ Nino: Definitely! I'll be working on that, glad you liked it! :D

    @ Mae: Weeeeeh thanks thanks! Tara i-set na yan! :D

    @ Ejannz: And just for that, you get an extra slice of pizza from me LOL!

    @ Mich: Indeed, indeed! :)

    @ Kym: Come here naaaa! :D Thank you Kym for not getting tired of my rants :)

    @ Johanna: Thank you, I'll extend the greetings to him! :)

    @ Rick: Oh you get an extra slice of pizza, too! Thank you Rick, that means a lot :)

  11. aww cute pics with friends and lovely pics of food. It's weird being single after such a long time huh! I remember breaking up with my bf for 2 years and being single and moving to a new city... kind of scary! but you're right, you should love yourself first!

  12. i was talking to my bf last night about your post.. and about our future trip to Philippines next year. I said "my friend krissy is so skinny but yet she eats all these sinful foods!!!" how do you do it krissy, tell me your secret!!! hahaha! sabi ko nga.. maybe the ppl in the philippines just sweat it all off cus its so hot there!!! ;P

  13. That turtle cheesecake ... that gelato ... OMG I want to go that place! You should let the restaurant know you talk about them in your blog, maybe they'll give you something on the house ;) And I'm so glad that you're not hurting anymore ... it's good that you confessed how you truly felt, but it's better to be happy methinks! And I love the speech bubbles, you are adorable :D

    Ooo my word verification is 'winger' like Jeff Winger from the show 'Community' which I love, you should watch it :) Love youuu!

  14. Mmm nothing beats turtle cheesecake!! love love love your blog. following you now <3

  15. ohhh cheesecake!! one of my favs! ;)

  16. I just LOVE Italian food. Top it off with cheesecake too. AMAZING :)

  17. i absolutely LOOOVEE fettucine alfredo!! And what is turtle cheesecake?

  18. I should try that restaurant one of these days. All these pictures make me so hungry I wanna eat them off of my computer screen.

    It's great you managed to stay friends with your ex. I think that some previous relationships deserve that chance at friendship.

  19. Yummilicious food, beautiful pics and great positive thoughts ... don't they make a wholesome bunch?
    Good to hear that you're moving forward. Stay cheerie always!


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